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the act of changing the institution that invests your pension plan without incurring a tax penalty

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Generally, an "eligible rollover distribution" is rolled over to an "eligible retirement plan.
Still, one would think it would follow on the coattails of the traditional IRA rollover.
Capturing" rollover assets is a classic example of cross-selling.
Mechanical engineer Jason Kerrig an used the funds to develop a unique full-scale indoor rollover crash test sled system.
Shari'ah-compliant FX trading accounts are often also called swap-free forex trading accounts because no swaps or rollover charges are applied to positions held overnight.
408(d)(3)(A)(i) permits a tax-free rollover of funds in a taxpayer's IRA, as long as the amount distributed to the taxpayer is paid into an IRA for the taxpayer's benefit within 60 days, subject to the one-rollover-per-year limit of Sec.
Tax Court in a January 2014 decision applying the limit to preclude an individual from making more than one tax-free rollover in any one-year period, even if the rollovers involve different IRAs.
Government Accountability Office (GAO) released report GAO 13-30, "401(k) Plans, Labor and IRS [Internal Revenue Service] Could Improve the Rollover Process for Participants" in 2013.
There was a €226,000 rollover into that meeting, but there were just five units remaining going into the fifth leg and when Botanical Lady and Snap Click were beaten Tote punters began rubbing their hands in anticipation of the biggest fund in Irish racing history.
Now, younger taxpayers have the opportunity to participate in a rollover of retirement plan assets to Roth accounts within the retirement plan.
Financial services providers are focused on IRA rollovers to win and retain clients, and to increase assets under management or advisement," said Kevin Chisholm, associate director at Cerulli.
For an advisory firm to do both plan and rollover work, the key "is how you navigate the regulatory requirements of moving from one world to the other," says John Curry, senior director of marketing at Raleigh, North Carolina-based CAPTRUST Financial Advisors.
com), the first independent online resource that provides financial planning information and peer-to-peer collaboration for consumers, today launched the FiPath Express Rollover Center to aid consumers through the rollover process.
Starting in 2010, taxpayers will be able to make rollovers from non-Roth retirement accounts to Roth individual retirement accounts (IRAs) without regard to the current $100,000 modified adjusted gross income (AGI) limit and (in 2010 only) will be able to benefit from a special two-year averaging provision (the taxable portion of the rollover is taxed in 2011 and 2012).
The No24 ball has been drawn in almost a third of double rollover draws, or seven times - more than twice its predicted selection.