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a pickled herring filet that has been rolled or wrapped around a pickle

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There are rollmops (rolled pickled herring) from Germany, matjes herring from Holland, and peppadew peppers from South Africa.
LUVVLY-JUBBLY, the missus has let me loose on the Downs with the lads for the day, so I'll be full of the old rollmops and jellies by the time the big race kicks off at 3.
Daniel's Sweet Herring, a company which specialises in marinated fish products, has added to its range of herring rollmops and herring in sweet marinades.
Traditional dishes served may include snert (pea soup); hutspot (stew); kahl (a dish made from cabbage and potato); boerekool (sausage); zoute haring (salted herrings); rollmops (pickled herrings); croquettes (meat dumplings coated with bread crumbs); and the always popular poffertjes (small pancakes).
In addition to sausage, beer, the butcher and the bakery, the Alpine Market sells spaetzle dumplings, pasta and potatoes of every shape and size (many with packages printed in German), goulash, canned chestnut puree, oysters, grape leaves, Westphalia ham, rollmops (a bread), herring salad and about 30 brands of wine.
Elf Herring in Cocktail Sauce 2 1,040 Skansen Herring in Wine Sauce 3 650 Elf Herring in Wine Sauce 4 360 Skansen Herring in Sour Cream 5 500 Vita Herring in Sour Cream 6 516 Vita Herring Rollmops 6 988 Reese Smoked Kipper Snacks 7 228 Gunkel Herring Fillets in Tomato-Sauce 7 275 Gunkel Herring Fillets in Mustard-Sauce 7 440 King Oscar Kipper Snacks 8 222 Elf Sliced Lunch Herring 8 1,100 Gunkel Fried Herring Housewife-Style 8 1,375 Beach Cliff Kipper Snacks in Water 9 289 Elf Herring in Horseradish Sauce 10 990 Gunkel Kipper Fillets in Own Juice 11 1,100 Shellfish (24 to 126 cals.
Additional options on the European river cruises include a hands-on demonstration to prepare Lyonniase cuisine and Banistra pastry; presentation on how to pair chocolates and wine; demonstration of mustard production; a tasting tour of traditional Dutch foods like Frietzak (Dutch fires with mayonnaise), poffertjes (pancakes) and rollmops (pickled herring); and the opportunity to prepare, cook and taste Goulash in the historical city of Budapest.
Mark ordered home-made herring rollmops with new potato and wholegrain mustard salad.
Saturday's Knowsley headliners the Who have demanded a whopping 100 large clean bath towels, along with an urn of organic chicken and vegetable soup, organic anchovies and rollmops and power to run hairdryers and an iron.
It's like herring - you know, rollmops - except eel, and you used to get them on the bar on a Sunday with your pint.