rolling wave

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a long heavy sea wave as it advances towards the shore


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2-Syria's calculations of taking it slow in its regional policies, required by the rolling wave of Arab revolutions and changes, have necessitated a "suspension" of the Cabinet issue in Lebanon.
The rolling wave of darkness was intended to boost the environmental movement after disappointing UN talks in Copenhagen in December.
2 : a long rolling wave or series of waves in the open sea
O'Brien had to sit tight on No Panic at the last hurdle as the five-year-old jumped very big and landed awkwardly, before thwarting Rolling Wave.
The vehicles float on a cushion of magnetism and surfs on a rolling wave of electricity," he said.
It is true that many joined networks to avoid being caught up in the rolling wave of mergers and acquisitions.
He lies prone, waiting for the right rolling wave, and here it comes.
Even small, isolated countries like Bolivia have been affected by the rolling wave of easy credit and bankruptcy.
The company's popular gift box line of 10-flavour, 20-flavour and 40-flavour Jelly Belly boxes feature a rocking and rolling wave of colourful jellybeans on the lid.
Beginning in New Zealand, this will be a rolling wave of candlelight gatherings that will quickly cross the globe.
Which is where we found what the embalmer'd saved: a rack like a rolling wave, wide as a brag of plenty, a great gray bone of twisted scoops and spears that could catch a whole day's weather.
Designed to freeze IQF products, such as diced and sliced products, pizza toppings, sausage links and crumble, wings, and any other small items that tend to clump or stick to belts, the CRYOLINE CW freezer uses a proprietary, rolling wave action that gently tumbles layered products to maximize yield by minimizing fines loss and locking in moisture, a distinct competitive advantage over conventional flighted freezers.
The crisis can be viewed as the latest in a rolling wave of financial trauma that perhaps surfaced in the mid 1990s - a veritable richness of embarrassments for deregulated capital markets, but one that is firmly financial in nature.
Third-placed Themoonandsixpence sets the form in a useful context, and Rolling Wave looked one of the most likely improvers in running on for fourth.
The Maglev - short for magnetic levitation - sits on a magnetic cushion while surfing a rolling wave of electricity and could be in place by the end of the decade.