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skating using Rollerblades

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Whether it's a drink after work, enjoying the best of London theatre, grabbing a bite to eat, visiting a museum or doing something more active like rollerblading, swimming or rock climbing,' it added.
BEIRUT: A growing trend is speeding along the winding paved walkway of Beirut's corniche: rollerblading.
The one thing I've learnt from taking part in the Roller Marathon is that rollerblading is great exercise and I will be keeping it up.
Tony hoped t o go to Hol land in February for Winter Clash 2011 - Europe's biggest rollerblading event.
2-mile pathway through the Hoosic River valley, perfect for cross-country skiing in the winter and biking or Rollerblading after spring thaw.
Summary: The trial of a rollerblading pensioner accused of endangering the public by skating through a busy seaside town's streets is resuming.
At precisely 10am, the run officially begins with people walking, running, rollerblading and even pushing strollers to lend the organisation their support.
The nation's emergency physicians are seeing an increase in injuries and deaths involving people who are sending text messages while walking, driving, bicycling, or rollerblading.
Adolescents who engage in frequent school-based or extracurricular physical activity--especially Rollerblading, skateboarding, and bicycling--are up to 48% less likely to become overweight or obese in early adulthood, Dr.
After being harassed all the time, I decided to quit skating and take it to a better level and start rollerblading.
Ex-Hearsay star turned TV presenter Myleene Klass keeps herself in trim by rollerblading.
Eco-cabs were on hand to ferry families across to Merrion Square for skateboarding, BMX skills, rollerblading displays and a break-dance workshop.
The peninsula was always the place to be for bike riding, rollerblading and people watching.
A new skate park has opened in Gateshead where they can test their skateboarding, rollerblading and BMX skills.
He likes snowboarding, rollerblading and thinks he is much better at football than he actually is.