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a towel with the ends sewn together, hung on a roller

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Microbiological studies showed that paper towels in public toilets removed 58 per cent of bacteria, and cotton roller towels removed 45 per cent.
There are also some ancillary services, including barrier matting, supply and laundry of roller towels and outdoor janitor duties.
Also on offer, in a huge variety of delightful designs, are a range of peg bags, laundry bags, carrier bag holders, vintage roller towels and a whole host of wooden hooks and tea towel holders all painted in dolly mixture colours.
It also provides textile rental services for products such as overalls and washroom roller towels.
Lot 1 General Cleaning; covers the cleaning of offices, circulation spaces, tea-points and toilets including the provision of roller towels and sanitary products.
I HAVE tried the big stores and elsewhere but cannot find anywhere selling roller towels these days.
Contract award: Supply and Laundering of Cabinet Roller Towels.
Contract notice: Supply & Laundering of Cabinet Roller Towels.