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a shoe with pairs of rollers fixed to the sole

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travel on shoes with steel or rubber rollers attached to their soles

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With a twitch of his whiskers, Pack Rat left the roller skate and dug the pail out of the mud.
One year later, the first patent for a roller skate was issued to French inventor M.
One of them helped the Chicago Roller Skate Company adapt a high-rebound polyurethane wheel, perfected by the Upjohn Company for skateboards, to roller skates.
The roller skate industry is a tight community with a handful of established quad skate OEMs.
He said that the popularity of roller skating among teens declined after in-line roller skates took the sport outdoors.
on Roller Skate Licensing Agreement, Rebuffing Approval Requests
Tel: 01642 300428 Albert Park Roller Skate Park, Middlesbrough - Roller skating.
NYSE:SKX), a global leader in the lifestyle footwear industry, today announced that the Company is launching a high-energy, colorful advertising campaign for Britney 4 Wheelers(TM), the artist's signature roller skate line from SKECHERS.
Pretty soon, I got the old itch back myself, wondering if I could still roller skate.
NYSE:SKX), a global leader in the lifestyle footwear industry, today announced that it has signed an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement with Britney Spears for its 4 Wheelers(TM) roller skate line.
CUTLINE: (1) Nancine Brooks and Mary Ann Franklin (front), and Bill Franklin and Frank Vargo (standing), used to roller skate at the Whalom Park skating rink.
My older sister, who now lives in Canada, also learned to roller skate but I didn't.
The Makati City government lauded the City Council for enacting a city ordinance that will require riders on bicycles, skateboards, roller skates to wear helmet at all times.
Manager Arsene Wenger poked his head around a dressing-room door and was horrified to see joker Wright on roller skates in one of English football's most hallowed stadiums.
Roller skates are different from those used on ice as they are stronger and more solid.