rolled into one

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made up of several components combined into a single entity

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America had Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer - Seve was our Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus rolled into one.
It's like an extreme case of sour grapes and dirty tricks rolled into one.
about a physical art form called capoeira--a dance language, and martial art all rolled into one.
This is nostalgia and history rolled into one for me.
The prom is becoming a wedding, Oscar night, and state dinner all rolled into one.
DU could be the Agent Orange and asbestos crises rolled into one toxic package.
Because it touches on so many issues, the introduction sometimes feels like a cram course in sixteenth-century cultural history, gender relations, and Shakespeare studies rolled into one, but the sheer volume of work pertinent to this edition probably makes that feeling inevitable.
Boards grow and decay depending on delicate fluctuations of interest, and a successful system operator is an editor, architect, technician, social director, and, in this case, curator rolled into one.
Tubes is incredible: 2-way Internet file sharing, social networking and drag and drop community formation all rolled into one.
Think Destiny's Child, Backstreet Boys and Usher all rolled into one.
So you get a PDA and study tool rolled into one package.
BITCHIN' HIT LIKE every volume of Skate Rock rolled into one.
Nikolais himself was something of a magician--choreographer, composer, set, costume, and lighting designer, all rolled into one.
The ways in which actor and audience are affected by their mutual exchange redefines theatricality and leads back to the actor's psyche, a flatterer himself and the object of flattery, but always - as so many of Shakespeare's characters - the sad celebrity and the parasite rolled into one.
The composite sketch of a subversive, right-wing, and new-age "home-alone" wierdo all rolled into one, spoofs masculinity--a wry rejoinder to the criticism that his homemade, needle-crafted snugglies, purloined from thrift stores, cast the loving feminine hands and wanting children's arms from which they had been separated in a pejorative light.