roll over

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  • verb

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make a rolling motion or turn

negociate to repay a loan at a later date for an additional fee

re-invest (a previous investment) into a similar fund or security

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In a remorseless assault openers Dave Snellgrove 122 and Craig Prince 117 laid into the Bay attack with impunity but the seasiders refused to roll over and dug deep to salvage a respectable draw by reaching 148-8 off 56 overs.
If you roll over on your ankle when landing from a jump, you can sprain or injure the ligaments on the outer (lateral) side that hold the joint together.
Another feature of the law that could help with income planning, according to Holtzman, is the ability to roll over monies from qualified retirement plans into Roth IRAs.
Vans are more likely to roll over, however, and when they do roll, they're more likely to be filled with passengers.