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photographic film wound on a spool

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And finally the Jacket, which can take roll film inserted into its channels.
On a typical day, I would go out and shoot photos with my roll film analogue cameras.
If the rock 'n' roll film genre had come to center on relations between the musicians and their fans, utopian in Woodstock and catastrophic in Gimme Shelter, Cocksucker Blues almost entirely excludes the audience, returning to the structure of the first direct-cinema rock 'n' roll film, Dont Look Back.
The system HI uses affordable laminated roll film stock instead of expensive, premade bags and can produce an array of bags including Pillow, Stand Up, Carry Handle, Center Capping and Corner Capping with or without zipper closures.
Kodak invented roll film, engendering the movie business, the great art form of the 20th century.
Panelists included business luminaries Russell Simmons and Daymond John, and industry experts Ryan Mack and Lynda Ireland, The audience took in comprehensive advice about business expansion, effective networking, and financial tips, This event was made possible by Verizon Wireless, BLACK ENTERPRISE, National Minority Supplier Development Council, MBE magazine, NV magazine, Liquid Entertainment, Cupcake Suite, Griot's Roll Film, and Bluecoat Gin.
While processing of roll film has dropped significantly in recent years, single-use cameras continue to be popular and are likely to remain so for quite a while.
The r2b uses affordable laminated roll film stock eliminating the need to purchase expensive pre-made bags and can produce an array of bags including: flat-bottom, standup, 3-sided seal, 4-sided seal, with or without zipper closures.
MR BROCKLEBANK'S first forays into the world of photography go back to the days of Box Brownies and 116 roll film, when eight fuzzy pictures cost a fortnight's pocket money.
23, 2010), "Functional Roll Film and Vacuum Evaporation Apparatus Capable of Producing the Functional Roll Film," Kiyoshi Iseki, Seiichiro Yokoyama, Takahiro Kubota, Hiroshi Fujita, Tsukasa Ohshima, Shuji Hidaka, Yoshinori Takada, Yozo Yamada, and Shinji Suzuki (Toyo Boseki Kabushiki Kaisha, Osaka, Japan).
Known as the father of popular photography, he brought this visual art form to masses of amateur shutterbugs with his inventions of flexible roll film, the Kodak camera of 1888, and the $1 Brownie camera of 1900.
My father had given me an old second-hand Ansco bellows-type folding camera that had an uncanny appetite for 120-size roll film.
ROAD KILL Deer crosses road and, right, is hit by film car; LIGHTS, ACTION, ROLL Film car
Although the typical target market for gas barrier films is in packaging, MPI sees uses for X-Barrier in the information electronics field too particularly with the implementation of roll-to-roll processes for incorporating organic semi conductor materials on roll film.
Fifty years of rock n roll film history is considered in a reader perfect not just for film libraries but for general-interest collections where either film or modern music is of interest.