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calling out an official list of names

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CQ Roll Call is a public trust, and I'm honored to be given the chance to strengthen and expand this business," McHale said.
But Roll Call said its reporters "never saw a senator crack the spine of the tome.
Also in the CQ Roll Call stable is CapWiz, rovides a tool that enables lobbyists to tell their constituents about pending legislation--and to allow those constituents to communicate their views on the measure to their congressman or senator.
The Reporter analysis of 13 divided roll call votes since the new aldermen were sworn into office in May 2007 shows that 35 aldermen voted with Burke more than 80 percent of the time, while six aldermen voted less than 50 percent of the time.
If Mr Leary had done the roll call properly he would, in my opinion, have ascertained that Maurice Cowen was not alive.
The roll call is impressive, from the German Expo Pavilion at the 1967 Montreal Expo (Rolf Gutbrod), and the Arena for the 1972 Munich Olympics (Gunter Behnisch), to the more recent Stuttgart Highspeed Railway Station (Christoph Ingenhoven) and the Japanese Pavilion for Expo 2000 in Hanover (Shigeru Ban).
recently, the woman, a GOP congressional intern, told a gossip column in Roll Call, a newspaper that covers Congress.
Sam Johnson (R-Texas), addressing a veterans' celebration in Allen, Texas, February 19, quoted in Roll Call
A month before Sherffius's cartoon appeared, Matson drew a cartoon on the same subject for Roll Call, the Capital Hill newspaper.
The officer was shunned at roll call and referred to as a "rat," posters that mocked him were displayed throughout the facility, including one that accused him of being a child molester.
The reader shares Barbara's confusion during the Strafappell, the punitive roll call during which the prisoners are required to kneel for hours in the cold (448), for example, and the reader feels the immediacy of Aurelia's murder.
as quoted in congressional newspaper Roll Call, December 16
The traditional roll call is to be replaced by a pioneering computerised scheme.
Readers of Roll Call and The Hill will find that their Congress-oriented papers are not only publishing more often, but establishing more individual personalities.
But an e-mail that Brown subsequently sent to, well, a long list of friends even caught the attention of Roll Call, the bible of Capitol Hill.