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calling out an official list of names

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He points out that the Speaker is to ask the Sergeant-at-Arms to open the session after the roll call when there is a quorum.
But the Roll Call report stated that education experts and advocates said they don't expect the recent ED move to affect students and schools because much of the guidance was decades old and narrowly focused, such as one from September 1995 detailing how a specific waiver should be submitted, or a 2013 document inviting participation in an experimental sites initiative.
Of the number of times he showed up for work at the Senate, Cayetano arrived late or after the roll call 10 times.
But Roll Call said its reporters "never saw a senator crack the spine of the tome.
That led to a dramatic change in the business, generating more than $50 million in revenue for the various parts of CQ Roll Call.
Blend Qatipi, VP engineering with CQ Roll Call, says, "Part of what keeps us in business is to be ahead of our competition in terms of what we implement and provide for our users.
He was forced to stand, despite being disabled, for roll call.
agreed Tuesday to sell Congressional Quarterly to the Roll Call Group, a subsidiary of The Economist Group.
1 : to call together (as troops) for roll call or inspection
Judge Zoe Smith, passing sentence, said: "The roll call of deaths and injuries is horrific.
No documents indicate Mayor Daley's position on any given divided roll call votes as he does not vote on the council.
Personal security specialist MobileSOS launched on Wednesday (23 January) Virtual Roll Call, which helps businesses to improve two way communications with multiple mobile staff.
During this time, we were successful in coordinating numerous television and radio appearances for Wilson, arranging interviews with major national newspapers, and placing letters to the editor in The New York Times and Roll Call.
Roll Call newspaper reported that House members go through two ceremonies.
LANCASTER - Antelope Valley sheriff's deputies said a final goodbye Thursday to fallen comrade Pierre Bain during a radio roll call.