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Xinyi Ding of Shrewsbury, Headmaster's List; Kaz Grala of Westboro, Headmaster's List; Sophia Iaccarino of Shrewsbury, Honor Roll; Matthew Jordan of Southboro, Honor Roll; Anna Kessler of Shrewsbury, Headmaster's List; Lauren Kuchnir of Southboro, Honor Roll; Kelly Martella of Northboro, Honor Roll; Megha Panigrahi of Southboro, Honor Roll; Hunter Platzman of Northboro, Honor Roll.
PTi's patent-pending device, on the other hand, gives operators the flexibility to skew each side of the top roll by [+ or -]0.
The nano spray coating technology used for nano coating pulling-straightening roll is improved and detailed on the basis of traditional coating technology.
The Covermatic KH 110 N roll coveting system consists of a cold-feed rubber processing extruder of the GE 90 KS series, which is used as a feed extruder, and a Covermatic extrusion die.
Feedback on the performance is provided immediately to the student through playback on the Disklavier, while simultaneously viewing the piano roll on the computer screen.
6 to 8 large green leaf lettuce leaves, trimmed to fit roll
VINTAGE ILLUSTRATIONS 1 Cowboy, pounds 25, Cath Kidston (020 7221 4000) 2 Boat, pounds 28 per roll, Cath Kidston 3 Kitchen Garden, pounds 26.
Certainly not all women in rock and roll are gay, but in that world it's not like, `Oh, how odd, there's a lesbian playing rock and roll.
A surviving spouse who inherits an IRA can elect to treat it as his or her own (in which case the minimum distributions would be determined based on the surviving spouse's age) or may roll it over, taxfree, into his or her own IRA.
The inevitable question of whether Jelly Roll actually danced can't be skirted.
Kaz Grala, Grade 7, headmaster's list; Priyanka Javlekar, 11, honor roll; Lauren Lavine, 10, honor roll; Kaushik Viswanathan, 10, honor roll; Jesse Wu, 7, honor roll.
Grooving a suction roll cover also provides a more compliant surface to the cover, which compensates for irregularities in the web, the felt, and the mating roll.
If a second nip is employed, it is usually only to apply a bond-breaker or carrier film to the rubber sheet, and may take the form of an air-loaded laminating roll running against a calender roll.
PALMDALE - Early rock 'n' roll, says John Goines, was a new form of communication: understandable to teenagers but not to their parents.
The final property tax roll for 1991/92 was published by the Department of Finance last week.