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Although this is a 'Lifetime Role Model Award', I am picking this up on behalf of our amazing staff, army of volunteers and more importantly, all of the Everton in the Community participants.
In A Working Day with Your Role Model, Emirati women will have the opportunity to spend an entire working day with the role models, and not only learn how to be effective at their workplaces but also learn about the core competencies and skills required in varied jobs.
Get in touch I always looked on Serena as a good role model for young girls - she works hard and has achieved what most can only dream about but my respect for her has gone.
JANE EVANS JONES: Yes, child care is quite a female dominated area and having a male role model, care giver
Kim Kardashian is an "appalling" role model to young girls and women because her body is "not normal," a (http://www.
Twerks for me: Miley doesn't want to be a role model
Stuart Maitland, who has created the mHealthful medical app, has been shortlisted by global direct selling company Amway UK in their search to find Britain's Top Real Role Model.
Generally, the term role model means someone who provides an example, but it can be different things to different people.
As an entrepreneur, Richard Branson is one of my role models.
I believe a lot of the problems with women's role and treatment in the church and family stem from having Mary, the perpetual virgin, as a role model.
London, October 8 ( ANI ): Olympian Jessica Ennis has been picked as the top role model of the decade in a new survey.
com)-- Role Model Magazine is an interactive site that brings health and wellness to the fashion industry.
They will provide a 'can do' environment where youths meet with other creative and interesting people as well as entrepreneurs from the Dynamo Role Model network.
he concept of a role model has always rankled with me.
Summary: An education expert has found children aged eight or below are unable to grasp the concept of what a role model is until they are older.