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  • adj

Synonyms for roily

having sediment or foreign particles stirred up or suspended

Synonyms for roily

(of a liquid) agitated vigorously

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Glofish themselves may be a short-lived commodity in the pet industry; just another flashy vapor in a roily sea of strange and unnatural creatures.
John River that day were roily and swollen with the spring freshet, and the current was swift.
As the spring was too roily to fill the casks, we again wandered off in another direction.
Since the average time to market for a new mobile phone is still an unacceptable 18 months, any technology that can shave six months off this protracted development period is likely to make waves in an already roily market.
We're left to imagine the roily conflicts of interest that will result from this disparate band of civil servants, not to mention, of course, the roily sexual tensions.
343, 346-48 (1998) (proposing jury selection reforms and noting that "Batson and its progeny have developed into a system of rules that not only encourage, but often require, lawyers attempting to select jurors to lie to judges, clients, other lawyers, and even to themselves as they navigate the conflicting goals presented on the roily waters of jury selection"); Abbe Smith, "Nice Work if You Can Get It": "Ethical" Jury Selection in Criminal Defense, 67 FORDHAM L.
20) Richard Roily, "The Banality of Pragmatism and the Poetry of Justice" (1990) 63 So.
Under my eyelids I can still see the pagodas perched high in the distance above the gorge of the rampaging river in my sleep, the tiny monks sequestered from the roily din below.
Kings aren't always such a gimme, especially in clear water, to say nothing of the kind of roily chop that accompanies October cold fronts.
While that will make it easier for fund investors to move back into stock funds once a roily market calms down, some investors clearly have been spooked by the raging volatility.