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(of a liquid) agitated vigorously

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Indeed, Under Chad Valley is a feast of prairie Grand Guignol which stres unflinchingly at the slimy liquids and solids roiling beneath the surface of human society and human skin.
With the instability that is roiling Russia right now, the United States should be doing whatever it can to make sure that a new Cold War does not erupt--or worse, a nuclear conflict.
Some critics of the book have focused on this sentence and other like it as evidence that Sleeper is roiling the rhetorical waters at a time when they've been roiled quite enough.
The onset of the digital age has caused great fragmentation and the virtual destruction of traditional record companies, but for innovative, forward thinking industry vets like Jake Hooker and Jonathan Fink, the roiling chaos has created incredible opportunities.
Charges of widespread racism, sexual harassment and unchecked hazing are roiling the city's fire stations, and have become a costly liability for the city.
The evil uncovered by the hurricane transcends the present and brings back the past, roiling the once calm waters surrounding Sanibel.
BONO, on how right-wing Christians miss the point of the U2 song "One," as quoted in the November 3 issue of Roiling Stone
This sense of dramatic disorientation was heightened further by flooding the floor of each alley with projected images of the roiling waters of a sea pool known as Poll na bPeist, The Worm's Hole, which lies at the foot of the cliffs of Inis Mor, the largest of the Aran Islands.
With an ever-increasing level of financial sophistication, potential buyers are roiling the market, looking for safe havens for, vast sums of capital that have come their way as a result of the vagaries of the stock market.
The ripples are caused by low-frequency sound waves generated by roiling gases inside the solar cauldron (SN: 3/18/00, p.
In group sections and solos, King sometimes loses focus and can't hold the stage as can Rhoden, but the sensual, roiling movement in the end won the audience's approval.
I have done a bit of homework, but I need additional financial and leasing information so that I can get the ball roiling.
Our consistently rapid growth in the roiling Asian markets is strong confirmation of this competitive muscle.
Bissinger wrote of a town roiling with barely submerged racism and a heartbreaking hopelessness.
95): Final volume in the celebrated "Buddies" cycle, set in the roiling microcosm of gay Manhattan.