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Synonyms for roguish

Synonyms for roguish

playful in an appealingly bold way

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lacking principles or scruples

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I admired not just Hawking's extraordinary mind, but his campaigning dedication to our NHS, his commitment to the environment, the way he confounded lazy stereotypes about disability, and his roguish sense of humour.
Alias Smith and Jones was a 1970s TV Western about two roguish outlaws trying to go straight.
It is astonishing that neither the Media Owners' Association nor the above groups have issued a protest in the face of the State's roguish behaviour and disobedience of court orders.
By linking Kashmir movement with some global organizations, they (Indian agencies) are planning their roguish activities to influence the international community.
Such characters will be introduced to us during the solo ceramic art exhibition The Bum and Roguish Gang by Michaella Karagiorgi -- who is from Paphos, graduated from the Graphic Design Department of TEI Athens, and currently works as a ceramicist in Limassol -- at the Zmart Gallery in Nicosia.
Lovejoy Series 6 is the DVD collection of the sixth and final series of Lovejoy, a British mystery-drama series featuring ever-so-slightly roguish antiques dealer Lovejoy, played with aplomb by Ian McShane.
JOHNNY DEPP'S latest comedy caper has him donning a rakish moustache and adopting a plummy accent to play roguish British aristocrat and dodgy art dealer Charlie Mortdecai.
Mortdecai 107mins 12A JOHNNY Depp dons a rakish moustache and adopts a plummy accent to play roguish British aristocrat and dodgy art dealer Charlie Mortdecai.
A wag is "a person given to droll, roguish, or mischievous humour.
50pm) A roguish singer dreams of owning his own nightclub.
It tells the tale of Count Balthazar, a roguish gentleman adventurer who fights to save the population of Queen Victoria's empire from a murderous secret society.
Eddie Brett The Loveable Rogue is rumoured to be all loved up and, erm, roguish with Little Mix's Jesy Nelson after she split from her Diversity boyfriend.
PML-N leader said that the federal government was responsible for the murder of those people, who lost their lives during the protests but instead of showing sympathy, Federal Ministers and advisors were threatening the masses like roguish.
Girls will appreciate Finley's independent nature and her divided interest in the lordly Griffin and roguish Jack Dandy.
Writer/director Sofia Coppola (Lost in Translation, Marie Antoinette) teams with brother Roman to produce this witty, moving, and empathetic look into the life and struggles of roguish but jaded Hollywood actor Johnny Marco (Stephen Dorff).