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a wild and vicious elephant separated from the herd

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He does well to dispel the myth of the Agency as a rogue elephant, running untethered with an agenda of its own.
The councillors are right to insist that they want to be sure that academy school operate in the wider community interest as part of the general plan, rather than as some sort of rogue elephant.
AUTHORITIES in India's remote north-east have given orders to kill a rogue elephant blamed for 14 deaths in two years and nicknamed Laden by fearful villagers, after the al Qaida leader.
Delegitimation is the broad equivalent of what in American politics is known as "going negative": in this case, the efforts of opponents of the United States to undermine its general image as a benevolent power and to portray it as a sort of rogue elephant.
While she was everyone's favourite MP, she was a rogue elephant who answered questions honestly (admitting that shesmoked pot as a teenager) and who was likely to call a spade a bloody shovel.
Tony Blair appears to have believed that the US determined on a course of action, but isolated, was like a rogue elephant.
The United States is the rogue elephant trampling the small animals that get in its way and Britain is the sharp-toothed scavenger following in its wake.
The Rogue Elephant of international law and politics
A rogue elephant had been rampaging through the northeast section of India.
In James Mellon's classic African Hunter, a Miles Fletcher tells of his near-death experience with a rogue elephant in colonial Kenya.
There seemed to be some improvement in Communications, but the CIA was still a rogue elephant whose immense budget remained unknown.
In fact, he would doubtless agree with the London Times article (December 13, 1991) that said, "To refer to the late publisher Robert Maxwell as a rogue elephant is to do a great injustice to elephants.
Trying to prevent mismanagement by these politicians is like trying to stop a rogue elephant with marshmallow.