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Synonyms for rogation

a formula of words used in praying

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a solemn supplication ceremony prescribed by the church

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Telles sont, dans l'ensemble du rite romain, les processions du 2 fevrier, des Rameaux, du 25 avril, des trois jours de rogations, de la Fete-Dieu.
In the day of the fast of Kippur it was the Psalms of David, (25) and different rogations that they made, asking God for pardon for their sins.
They also seem to have tried to wrong-foot Carnesecchi by abrupt changes of direction in the inter rogations.
Le ministAaAaAeA[umlaut]re des Affaires religieuses a appelAaAaAeA[c] AaAaAeA0x20 organiser la p de l'IstisqAaAaAeAcentsa (priAaAaAeA[umlaut]re des rogations pour la pluie), dimanche proch 5 novembre AaAaAeA0x20 partir de 9h du mati
Letania and preces: music for Lenten and rogations litanies.
Of course, complete removal of the first estate would have been unthinkable to early modern French congregants who frequently expected their ministers to perform vital, quasi-magical rituals, like field rogations, blessings of farm animals, exorcisms, and relic parades, to protect the community from epidemic diseases, threatening weather, and material or spiritual harm.
Le minist'Are des Affaires religieuses a appel'A 'n organiser la pri'Are de l1/2[pounds sterling]Istisq''a (pri'Are des rogations pour la pluie), dimanche prochain, 5 novembre 'n partir de 9h du matin.
Le minist'AaAaAeAare des Affaires religieuses a appel'AaAaAeAe 'AaAaAeA[+ or -] organiser la pr de l'Istisq''a (pri'AaAaAeAare des rogations pour la pluie), dimanche prochai 5 novembre 'AaAaAeA[+ or -] partir de 9h du mati