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Synonyms for rod-shaped

formed like a bacillus

resembling a rod


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rod-shaped bacterium that is commonly found in the lower intestine of
It is an ingenious swivel chair attached to a rod-shaped suspension which enables workers to sit in comfort on the production line while assembling cars.
The disease is also called TB for tubercle bacillus, another name for the rod-shaped bacterium that causes the disease.
After evaporating the water, they heated the remaining glass film to burn out the tiny rod-shaped cellulose crystals, leaving behind pores.
B) a rod-shaped structure within cells that carries genetic information
Engineers have discovered that they can harness the characteristics of the rigid, rod-shaped tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) to build tiny components for lithium ion batteries.
Through additional small cuts, a rod-shaped telescope, attached to a camera, and other long and narrow surgical instruments are placed into the newly formed space.
When threatened by single-celled predators called "amoeba flagellates," the rod-shaped bacteria band together and secrete surfactant-like proteins called "cyclic lipopeptides" (CLPs), forming a kind of biochemical picket line.
Other topics include electrophoretic deposition of spherical and rod-shaped nanocrystals into close packed superlattices, simulating crystallographic pore growth on III-V semiconductors, production of high aspect ratio single holes in semiconductors, and a plasmaless photoresist removal method in gas phase at room temperature.
marcescens), is an approximately rod-shaped bacterium whose colonies appear bright red in color below a certain temperature and is thus easily distinguishable from other markers as a microbiological marker.
From the ratios of intermediate axis to long axis (b/a) and short axis to intermediate axis (c/b), discoidal, spheroidal, bladed and rod-shaped grain forms are obtained.
Lab tests suggested that white wine protected the mitochondria in heart cells, the rod-shaped cell structures that act as energy-generating "powerplants".
Salmolnella (SAL-muh-NEL-uh): Rod-shaped bacteria that cause diseases, including food poisoning.
The state-of-the-art facility is equipped with a Tetra Pak "Comet C" cone making line, which is able to produce multiple-flavored ice cream with rod-shaped fillings.
Yersinia enterocolitiea is a gram-negative rod-shaped enteropathogen closely related to Eseherichia coli.