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hard as granite

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Test Parameter Analysis in Abrasive Jet Cutting of Rocklike Materials.
Yu, "An experimental study on fracture mechanical behavior of rocklike materials containing two unparallel fissures under uniaxial compression," Acta Mechanica Sinica,vol.
This was not the look we desired for our rocks, though we did leave some sides rougher to create a rocklike surface.
One sarky Twitter disciple - more Judas than the rocklike Peter - took exception to my Doubting Thomas stance.
piled high like dirty snow, with rocklike intensity staring
The 1953 assemblage Soles with its collection of rocklike objects, each carefully wrapped in black fabric and string like a tiny gift, harks back to the slightly earlier "Scatole e Feticci Persona/i" (Personal Boxes and Fetishes), 195253, made during his European sojourn with Cy Twombly, while two Untitled (Elemental Sculptures), both ca.
The handling characteristics of the PA-46 are indeed excellent, although they lack the rocklike stability that many instrument pilots prefer.
55) Horace, "The just man, firm of purpose, cannot be shaken in his rocklike soul, by the heat of fellow citizens clamouring for what is wrong, nor by the presence of a threatening tyrant.
Roman general Scipio Africanus the Younger weighing, in a dream, a choice between frivolous Fortune and rocklike Constancy in pursuing his figure path.
I have heard Ex Cathedra perform these Vespers, as they are alternatively named, before, in fearless Russian and with basses plumbing depths of register to build harmonic foundations as rocklike as Saint Peter.
A brown paper bag with an off-white rocklike substance believed to be crack cocaine, more than two ounces, was found in the car.
8 The stonefish and Pacific is named for Ocean near the its rough, coasts of rocklike Africa, appearance.
This automated bulk bag unloader system uses a fully integrated, 4-stage material conditioning sequence to prepare and extremely agglomerated, rocklike material for supply to a downstream liquefaction process.
Theirs is the discourse of sovereign judgment, of stable subjectivity legislated by good' sense, of rocklike identity, universal' truth (and white male) justice.
Better, however, is "mind/math," for this replacement of "matter" by "math" emphasizes that what is present in nature is not the substantiveness, or rocklike quality, that we often associate with the word "matter" but rather a partial conformity to mathematical rules.