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hard as granite

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Up to 30 pounds of calcium carbonate rocklike scale can accumulate in these heaters over time, according to the study.
Lumpy brown leather blocks in rocklike shapes hold benches and some of the video displays.
Jamie Carragher, who has been rocklike for the Merseysiders in their unconvincing start, was caught in possession by Hines.
The technically correct shots and rocklike defence have now become a thing of the past for the man they call The Wall.
Suddenly some of the rocklike seals started lumbering towards the waves and slid into the water before bobbing above the sea for photos.
Besides removing the old implants -- one of which had hardened to a rocklike texture -- Motykie had to take out previously grafted fat that had slid beneath Mendes' armpit.
The smelter applied heat to a mixture of quartz and coal to produce, shiny, metal rocklike pieces, which were later used in making things like bathtub caulk, breast implants and aerospace lubricant.
sound so conventionally rocklike in Qoheleth's stream of
255-57) Then for the second time he looked at the expressionless and rocklike face, at the pale boring eyes in which there was no flicker, nothing, the face in which he saw his own features, in which he saw recognition, and that was all.
Since this is the only petrified forest in the eastern United States, visitors come from all over to see the unusual rocklike tree sections.
Scaling is almost a rocklike substance that coats the inside of your machine lowering its capacity.
It also boasts a riveting performance by Holley Farmer, who combines lightness and flexibility with rocklike aplomb.
The process destroys organic contaminants and permanently traps nonvolatile inorganic contaminants in a glassy, rocklike mass that is 10 times stronger than concrete and leach resistant.
When the molds were cast, the chiseling resulted in a rugged, rocklike texture.