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the quality of abounding in rocks and stones

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Because soil texture was similar across sites, the depth of the parent material and rockiness of soil probably play a larger role in burrow location and type.
In contrast, the lack of fire or degree of rockiness or kloofs in some areas from burning in addition to regular burning of other areas contributed to the high species composition of communal land which was partially burned and ensured the presence of both fire-tolerant and fire-intolerant species.
Farmland is considered "hot" at lower elevations, as modified by considerations of the color, consistency and rockiness of the soil, and of shade and wind.
Even with all the rockiness of the project, Principal Carriere said the students might use those skills learned in the project later on in the future.
The multiple author format of Alan Peascod: Artist of Exceptional Talent--adopted as well by other recent monographs on ceramic artists, such as A Chosen Path: the Ceramic Art of Karen Karnes--seems on the whole advantageous, despite a slight rockiness in transition from one author's text to the next.
Her new single Not The One has the upbeat rockiness of Texas with added Sixties pop guitars.
The FIA, fearful that major manufacturers, feeling the global financial pinch, could opt out like Honda did, have, to my mind, tried to underpin the rockiness of uncertainty.
These are: i) Level of erosion; ii) Level of soil compaction; iii) Depth of arable soil (cm); iv) Level of salinity (%); v) Rockiness (%); vi) Depth of water (m) and vii) Plant cover of the soil (%).
The Israeli Foreign Ministry released yesterday a statement to commemorate the anniversary of the treaty, but also hinted at rockiness in relations between the two countries even after 30 years.
As Lipsey concludes: "It's not the rockiness of the road, but where you end up that counts.