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Rocket Fuel is available in two different strengths and sizes, with the lighter version ideal for those looking for a gentler pick me up.
Randy Wootton, who had been the CEO of Rocket Fuel since 2015, will become a special advisor to Sizmek, working with both Sizmek and Rocket Fuel teams throughout the transition period in order to ensure it is seamless.
We're excited to integrate Snapchat into our predictive marketing platform, allowing Rocket Fuel brands to leverage its highly engaged audience, unique ad formats and measurement, said Randy Wootton, CEO of Rocket Fuel.
s Fuel Acquisition Co subsidiary has commenced a tender offer for all of the outstanding shares of common stock of US-based predictive marketing platform Rocket Fuel (NASDAQ: FUEL) Rocket Fuel at a price of USD2.
We are very excited to bolster our relationship with Rocket Fuel as they to continue to expand the use of Xactly throughout their organization," says Lee Goldberg, VP of Sales and Marketing at Canidium.
When the planned move was first reported in 2013, Vornado executives reportedly said Rocket Fuel would lease a mere 50,000 s/f.
The agency said that during the accident, which took place 10-15 seconds after takeoff, toxic rocket fuel was released into the air.
The bacterium, known as anammox, caused a stir in the 1990s when scientists discovered that it produced the rocket fuel hydrazine after devouring ammonium, an ingredient in urine.
The company has axed the 75ml Rocket Fuel espresso shot it sold in a self-heating cup, and has used the same packaging technology for two new products rolling out to Sainsbury's this week - a white coffee and a hot chocolate drink (rsp: [pounds sterling]2.
Trigg joins Rocket Fuel from TradeDoubler, where he was vice president of international.
The agency will control drinking water for levels of the chemical perchlorate - used to make rocket fuel, fireworks and explosives - which is associated with thyroid problems in children and pregnant women.
Nestled in the mountains of northwestern Armenia lies the spent rocket fuel from the missiles once deployed in this former Soviet republic.
The non-alcoholic drink, called Rocket Fuel, would attempt to grab market share from the hugely popular Red Bull.
senators have introduced legislation to establish a federal drinking water standard for perchlorate, the rocket fuel component found on the Whittaker-Bermite site in central Santa Clarita.
Dare to Live Without Limits: Rocket Fuel for the Mind is a self-help guide written to work with any lifestyle, no matter how on the go, or downright hectic.