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Lee Goldberg, VP of Sales and Marketing at Canidium, said, We are very excited to bolster our relationship with Rocket Fuel as they to continue to expand the use of Xactly throughout their organization.
This is the second contract that has been signed with Rocket Fuel in the year of 2015, with plans of moving forward in parallel in the future.
The complaint alleges that, among other allegations: (a) a large percentage of the ads Rocket Fuel brokered were being 'viewed' by automated fraudulent computer programs such that the Company's operations and financial performance were put in jeopardy; and (b) that the Company's revenue growth was negatively impacted by the Company's inability to identify and eliminate bot traffic for its customers.
When the planned move was first reported in 2013, Vornado executives reportedly said Rocket Fuel would lease a mere 50,000 s/f.
The analysis also identified chlorine compounds, including perchlorate, a toxic component of rocket fuel, which could complicate future plans for humans to live on Mars.
The bacterium, known as anammox, caused a stir in the 1990s when scientists discovered that it produced the rocket fuel hydrazine after devouring ammonium, an ingredient in urine.
The company has axed the 75ml Rocket Fuel espresso shot it sold in a self-heating cup, and has used the same packaging technology for two new products rolling out to Sainsbury's this week - a white coffee and a hot chocolate drink (rsp: [pounds sterling]2.
Large stocks of a highly toxic mix of rocket fuel chemicals, called melange, were abandoned in Armenia and throughout the former Soviet Union.
Rocket Fuel sells in the tens of millions in South America, generating annual revenues well over pounds 10m.
In its report released Friday, titled ``The Politics of Rocket Fuel Pollution,'' the Los Angeles-based Environment California found the Perchlorate Study Group or its members funded more than half of all studies from 1996 to 2005 on the effects of perchlorate exposure.
invasion of Iraq in 2003--have cluttered northern gulf waters with a welter of sunken ships, many of which still hold petroleum products, unexploded ordnance, and possibly rocket fuel, propellants, and toxic chemicals.
OTCBB:BUGS), has successfully completed a paid pilot demonstration of its Bio-Raptor(TM) treatment system technology for the rapid cleanup of soils impacted with perchlorates at a confidential client's former rocket fuel manufacturing facility.
But it would take a lot of mechanical muscle to lug rocket fuel from Earth to the way station.
patents both for liquid rocket fuel and for a multi-stage rocket using solid fuel.
In one of his last acts before leaving office, California's deposed governor Gray Davis signed two new statutes in response to lest summer's disclosure that much of the state's groundwater had been contaminated by chemicals used in rocket fuel and explosives.