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The party that fired the latest Katyusha rocket did not miss its propaganda target which instills in minds that the south is an uncontrolled rocket base," Noureddin said.
But we had to take the 500-pound motors up to the rocket base altitude chamber to test them.
After Israel left Gaza, Hamas took it over, established a fundamentalist Islamic dictatorial regime and turned the area into a giant rocket base for attacks on Israel.
We thought the launch was likely today, but weather conditions at the (North Korea) rocket base may not have been favourable," South Korea's Yonhap news agency quoted a presidential Blue House official as saying.
On leaving the rocket base a group of French primary aged schoolchildren came up to Emrys, 79, of Waunscil Avenue, Bridgend.
For Alan was part of a Lancaster Bomber crew whose D-Day mission was to destroy German gun emplacements and rocket bases miles inland from the beach heads.
A Scots island community decides to battle the establishment after it's decided to dump a rocket base on their doorstep.
Overnight for the first time - in addition to 1,300 air strikes - Israeli troops, believed to be navy commandos, were landed from a warship in an operation to eliminate a rocket base in Gaza.
And after an overnight stay in Calais they were today heading for the site of the biggest underground V2 rocket base to be built by the Germans in occupied Europe.
n Friday, June 4: Visit La Coupole Museum and Exhibition Centre, the site of the biggest underground V2 rocket base built in 1943.
On Saturday 15 July at 12:40 hrs GMT, Cluster II is to be launched from the Baikonour rocket base in Kazakhstan.
It denied reports that the strike targeted artillery or rocket bases and said there were no casualties.
Fearlessly, 19-year-old Cardiff soldier Darren Powis and his fellow Queen's Dragoon Guards ran the gauntlet of enemy rocket bases in an armoured vehicle.
Baquba (NINA) -- American forces in Diyala province are deploying advanced rocket bases in the vicinity of their base north Baquba.
Security source told NINA on Friday, July 22, that American forces in Firnas Air Base, north of Baquba, are deploying highly advanced rocket bases in the vicinity of the Base aiming for observing and positioning armed groups attacks.