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of plants that flourish in a rocky environment

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MEMORIES of his rock-loving late gran has fired a Redcar musician to organise a big charity concert.
After more than 30 years in the business, Meatloaf, or Marvin Lee Aday as he was christened, knows how to get his rock-loving fans eating out of the palm of his hands.
Punk rock-loving Jen, who is a pupil at the city's Blue Coat comprehensive in Stoke, has only just celebrated her 16th birthday and has already wowed judges with her sharp co-ordination.
The punk rock-loving teen turned 20 while he was away, on Nov.
With some expert tutelage from prog rock-loving mystery driver the Stig, renowned thespian Timothy Spall will be put through his paces as the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car
In the Willamette National Forest, there's always something blooming, from spring through fall, whether it's the pale violet of wild iris, the voluptuous pink of wild rhododendrons (indigenous in Oregon), the volatile orange of Indian paintbrush or the rock-loving varieties of penstemon.
We're reminded that Japan remains home to the world's fastest and most powerful supereomputer, The Earth Simulator--explored in all its sci-fi glory in this issue--and that youthful IT entrepreneurs like Kansai's rock-loving, Hawaiian-raised Koji Tomita are still thriving, surfing through the lean years.
The Detroit brother-sister duo are about the coolest thing to play instruments this year, not just over here but throughout most of the rock-loving world.
But the Kid Rock-loving, hard-training ex-Mennonite could still be a perfect fit for the yellow jersey at the Tour de France.
However, the villainous De Nomolos hates the nice, rock-loving future and sends two robot doppelgangers back in time to kill the pair before they achieve fame - forcing the real Bill and Ted to take on the Grim Reaper so they can return to Earth in time to win a Battle of Bands contest.
Hundreds of mourners turned up for rock-loving Stephen's cremation service to bid their final farewells to the strains of Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith, and Dee revealed that she now keeps her husband's ashes in a sundial in the back garden.
Prog rock-loving, magic mushroom-chewing, guitar playing whizzkid and Brit School graduate Charlene Soraia, 21, is keen to stress the academy isn't geared to churn out production line popettes.
As Nick's vision of domestic bliss becomes a suburban nightmare, he struggles to keep all of the women in his life happy, including his rock-loving daughter Constance (Mary-Louise Parker) and nagging mother Grace (Elaine Stritch).
DARKNESS will descend on Newcastle's Metro Radio Arena next year when the brothers Hawkins and their rock-loving bandmates roll into Tyneside for a gig on February 13.