rock wool

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a light fibrous material used as an insulator

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Rock wool insulation is used to insulate homes and other structures from the elements.
Demand for and production of insulation material are examined in detail, split by the products EPS, XPS, PUR, glass wool, and rock wool.
Rooms of the noise suppression chamber are acoustically insulated from each other by rock wool boards and the external structures (walls, flooring, ceiling) as well as the frame of the chamber are installed on a rubber base to prevent infiltration of building vibrations to the noise suppression chamber.
The packs allow for reuse of the original dome and come with enough nutrients, seeds and rock wool for two plantings.
To gain experience with this new laboratory, as a part of the very first experiment, two growing media were compared: rock wool and a new plastic fiber material.
The company has made progress in streamlining its unprofitable operations, including the withdrawal from the in-house production of rock wool.
Man-made vitreous fibers (MMVFs) used for insulation, including rock wool, glass wool, glass microfibers, and refractory ceramic fibers, have been examined as potential risk factors for respiratory disease.
Artist Phillip a Lawrence of Cardiff is taking part in a project named Bound, in which 13 trees in each of the old counties of Wales will have materials such as white linen, rock wool and aluminium wrapped around them.
The North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA) is a trade association of North American (United States, Canada, and Mexico) manufacturers of fiber glass, rock wool, and slag wool insulation products.
Roxul, a European company, produces a mineral wool insulation containing equal amounts of rock wool and slag wool.
Fibrous materials and rock wool products tend to hold wetness longer than rigid Foamglass[R] or other, less porous, insulation materials; however, all materials absorb and hold some moisture.
The water stored in the bottom of the pot is pumped directly into the rock wool using a small pump.
The plants are placed in rock wool, a fiberglass-like material, and flooded six to 10 times a day with fertilizer- rich water.
The usage of slags in the manufacture of rock wool was discussed by William F.
4 765 m 2 , - footfall sound insulation made of rock wool with a thickness of 12 mm or 30 mm, mass approx.