rock wool

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a light fibrous material used as an insulator

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After the wall was covered with a 10 cm layer of rock wool from the noisy side, sound insulation of 45 dB was obtained, which meets sound insulation classes A and B for the facade at the presence of outdoor environment classes D and E.
Controlled Factor Level 1 Level 2 Growing medium (cubes) Rock wool Plastic fiber Lettuce cultivar Rex Bib Leaf Nutrient solution: Flow rate 1 Lpm 2 Lpm pH 5.
A company representative showed the rock wool sheet that was being fed into the site's fragmentiser.
Insulation is available in such material as rock wool batts, foam (which can be blown into walls) and, most commonly, fiberglass (which has come into question as a possible carcinogen).
At present it is working with a Finnish company which manufactures rock wool, an insulating material, in Sarnia.
Producing rock wool for insulation is yet another possibility.
Glass and rock wool reached a combined market share of 56%, with predominantly glass wool being used.
Man-made vitreous fibers (MMVFs), also called man-made mineral fibers, represent a group of manufactured fibers that includes rock wool, slag wool, glass wool, glass continuous filaments, glass microfibers, and refractory ceramic fibers (Baan and Grosse 2004; De Vuyst et al.
The usage of slags in the manufacture of rock wool was discussed by William F.
On page 1454, Table 5 (under "Respirable dusts and fibers"), glass wool, rock wool, and slag wool fireproofing should not have appeared in the listing of Group 2B human carcinogens because they were downgraded to Group 3 in the latest monograph to address these substances (IARC 2002a); special purpose glass fibers such as E-glass and "475" glass fibers are not used in the "Reinforced plastic industry" but rather in "High-efficiency air filtration media and battery separator media" (IARC 2002a).
Coverage includes building insulation, calcium silicate, cavity wall insulation, cellular glass, cellular plastics, cylinder lagging, draught proofing, expanded polystyrene, external wall insulation, extruded polystyrene, flexible insulation materials, floor insulation, glass wool, industrial insulation, inorganic thermal insulation, internal wall insulation, loft insulation, magnesia, mineral wool, nitrile rubber, phenolic foam, pipe lagging, pipe sections, polyethylene foam, polyurethane foam, process plant insulation, rigid inorganic thermal insulation, rock wool, roof insulation, silica slabs, and wall insulation.
Tenders are invited for Supply and application Insulation with LRB Rock wool Mattresses 2 layers etc
Slag Wool, Rock Wool and Similar Mineral Wools: European Union Market Outlook 2010 and Forecast till 2015
Stone wool also known as rock wool is a fiber made from natural or synthetic minerals or metal oxides.
com/research/319fd5/slag_and_rock_wool) has announced the addition of the "Slag and Rock Wool Market Research" report to their offering.