rock outcrop

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the part of a rock formation that appears above the surface of the surrounding land

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01) and depicts a gradient from relatively high rock outcrop and combined shrub and oak resprout cover (upper quadrants) to the relative absence of cover in the open represented by bare ground (bottom right quadrant) (Fig.
The baboons often chase one another up and down rock outcrops in their enclosure.
For nine months Dr Bevins and Dr Ixer collected and identified samples from Pembrokeshire's rock outcrops to try to find the origins of rhyolite debitage rocks that can be found at Stonehenge.
tourists on the busy road to slow down to see what on Earth that man was fussing about on a mere rock outcrop.
Tilley (1994: 94-6) argues that the four monuments on the shelf below a linear rock outcrop at Morfa Bychan would have 'made sense' in terms of bodily movement from south to north, with the tombs getting progressively closer to the outcrop; the northernmost site, D, is actually built close to the rock face, symbolically facilitating entry to the parent rock or implying 'integration' with it.
Fragments of rocks and minerals created by the weathering of a rock outcrop may be carried away by rivers and deposited as sandbars, gravel, or fine mud.
A lightweight tram was built from the valley floor to a rock outcrop near the temple to facilitate moving materials to the building.
If the garden is dead flat, the rocks can be set in the ground to look like a perfectly natural rock outcrop.
Unlike many of Edward I's castles, Conwy wasn't concentric in design but linear because of the shape of the rock outcrop on which it was established.
The earliest known datable rock outcrop in the county lies on the north- east side of the large quarries on the west of Nuneaton.
Last night, Alec, who is wed to Kim Basinger, told how the plane overshot the runway and headed for a rock outcrop.
They are set low in the land, and their masses form a triad with the neighboring rock outcrop to mark this location.
Reservoir rock outcrop studies have indicated good lateral extent, thickness, and porosity of target reservoir facies.