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albums of rock music that aspired to the status of art

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He has actually written the rock opera and is bringing it to Birmingham's Symphony Hall on September 11.
I knew I wanted to make it work as a rock opera with no spoken words but singing narrators to take the plot line from one scene to another.
MODERN TWIST: Alfie Thomas on the set of the rock opera he composed Picture by IAN COOPER
I am working on a rock opera, An American Siddhartha: The Way Within.
The movie, a "horror rock opera," based on a stage musical, is set in a plague-ravaged future where people can purchase new organs on the installment plan from a corporation called Geneco.
QUEBEC TENOR MARC HERVIEUX HAS BEEN THRILLING audiences as Zero Janvier in the symphonic version of the rock opera Starmania.
Based on Puccini's La Boheme, the stage version of rock opera Rent has been a massive hit worldwide and the film is exhilarating and uplifting.
I just saw Rent, the much anticipated movie adaptation of Jonathan Larson's 1996 Tony and Pulitzer Prize-winning rock opera about a year--"five hundred, twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes"--in the life of a group of friends, some of whom are HIV positive, living on the lower East Side of New York City six years--or, three million, one-hundred fifty-three thousand six hundred minutes--before the arrival of the life-extending triple combination AIDS regimens used today.
The latter covers Queen's heyday, from glam-inspired to rock opera writing to top 40 hit makers, and you can follow the progression of Freddie Mercury's mustache throughout the whole thing .
amp; PlayColt, is currently shooting Nausea 2, a video rock opera that will premiere this fall.
Matt's talented at classical guitar, but it's Keith and the rock opera he stages that get all the attention.
Interesting to note that the Jesus star of the original rock opera (not the movie), Jeff Fenholt, is a televangelist today
He was followed later by The Who, with the first-ever live version of their rock opera Quadrophenia, and guitar hero Eric Clapton.
The collection is a good introduction to the topic, and Anderson's annotations explain and enliven a book that could easily have been duller than a telephone directory and more ponderous than a rock opera.