rock crab

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crab of eastern coast of North America

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ABSTRACT Although the native red rock crab Cancer productus is an important component of Pacific northwest nearshore communities and recreational crab fisheries, little is known about its life history.
Our San Francisco Style Crab Cake is made with Dungeness crab and Rock crab.
Low tides also provide an opportunity to pick up red rock crab, which can be found in tide pools near protective rock structure in lower estuary and nearshore areas.
Carbon dioxide excretion and carbonic anhydrase function in the red rock crab Cancer productus.
The blue crab (Callinectes sapidus) (Portunidae), the lady crab (Ovalipes ocellatus) (Portunidae), and the Atlantic rock crab (Cancer irroratus) (Cancridae) are the largest and most common brachyuran crabs inhabiting both estuaries and inner continental shelves of the northeast coast of North America.
For would-be crabbers, there's no better place to learn than Oregon, where Dungeness and red rock crab can be found in nearly all the state's large saltwater bays.
The effects of interspecific competition and prey odor on foraging behavior in the rock crab, Cancer irroratus (Say).
quadricarinatus also consumes significant amounts of plant material and has cellulase activity comparable to that of the red rock crab (0.
The ontogenetic shift in diet with increasing size of lobsters was especially apparent for the three dominant food items: the contribution of bivalves and animal tissue (flesh) to volume of stomach contents decreased from the smallest lobsters (28% and 39%, respectively) to the largest lobsters (2% and 11%, respectively), whereas the reverse trend was seen for rock crab Cancer irroratus (7% in smallest lobsters to 53% in largest lobsters).
The quarry can be pure fighting glory - halibut (last year Selby released a 20-pound flattie that he landed on 12-pound leader after it broke his rod), barred surfperch, needlefish, spotfin croaker, yellowfin croaker, mackerel, corbina - or something, shall we say, a little less highly prized - lobster, rock crab, mussels, kelp, the bottom.
California has a limited fishery for rock crab, red rock crab, and yellow crab (in Southern California only).
ABSTRACT The rock crab Grapsus adscensionis (Osbeck, 1765) is a common intertidal species in the eastern Atlantic.
The rock crab, Cancer irroratus Say, uses chemically mediated learning in the search for food.
We used 2 microcosm experiments to determine (1) the effects of water temperature (5[degrees]C and 12[degrees]C) on scallop predation; (2) scallop size selection in small and large green crabs and a large indigenous predator, the rock crab (Cancer irroratus)', and (3) bivalve prey selection in large green crabs between softshell clams (Mya arenaria), blue mussels (Mytilus edulis), and sea scallops.
Children were dressed up as the primary characters in the tide pool - a periwinkle snail, hermit crab, green sea urchin, rock crab, sea star and blue mussel, which gets eaten by the sea star in the end.