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a performance of rock music

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Seven years later came that first big show at Autzen, at the time the largest rock concert ever seen in Oregon.
Rotterdam [Holland], Aug 24 ( ANI ): A rock concert in the Dutch city of Rotterdam has been cancelled over a terrorism warning.
Ronnington is a ninehour rock concert organised by musician Russ Tippins in memory of his pal Ronnie Patchett.
On Sunday, he attended a rock concert organised by the IITians as part of their annual programme, ' Anvesha 14' where he shared the stage with the members of a rock band that belted out his favourite Bollywood numbers.
FRUIT flies are as susceptible to loud noise as teenagers attending rock concerts, scientists have learned.
The annual Sanitarium rock concert will return on December 21 at Isa Cultural Hall, Juffair.
While the castle has since hosted a number of gigs, including Sting and Tom Jones, this was the first rock concert staged there.
The concert got going about 8-15pm and as always Macca and the group were brilliant but as in all rock concerts you just cannot keep still you just have to get up and have a dance.
A ROCK concert planned by Steve Innocent during a cancer scare, is to take to the stage.
going backstage with Darlene at a rock concert and finding out her mother is an insider there--a successful writer of rock songs; Ruby and Nana Sue (and her pet iguana Twenty-One) playing blackjack at the casino, and on and on--each scene is mind-bending.
If you end up stuck in a traffic jam beside a jackhammer, or standing next to the speakers at a rock concert, pop them in.
school district or taking courses at the College of Staten Island, the 20-year-old is probably at a rock concert.
SIR BOB GELDOF is planning to ask the Pope to attend a rock concert in Scotland's capital after the G8 Summit.
Indeed, if Whittle's recording is played properly, it starts at about 40 decibels and builds to 110 decibels, about as loud as the sound heard by someone in a front-row seat at a rock concert.
WEB SEARCH How do sound levels at a rock concert compare with those of a whisper, jet engine, or vacuum cleaner?