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a performance of rock music

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Ronnington is a ninehour rock concert organised by musician Russ Tippins in memory of his pal Ronnie Patchett.
On Sunday, he attended a rock concert organised by the IITians as part of their annual programme, ' Anvesha 14' where he shared the stage with the members of a rock band that belted out his favourite Bollywood numbers.
FRUIT flies are as susceptible to loud noise as teenagers attending rock concerts, scientists have learned.
The annual Sanitarium rock concert will return on December 21 at Isa Cultural Hall, Juffair.
While the castle has since hosted a number of gigs, including Sting and Tom Jones, this was the first rock concert staged there.
The concert got going about 8-15pm and as always Macca and the group were brilliant but as in all rock concerts you just cannot keep still you just have to get up and have a dance.
Attendees too mature for the rock concert scene will be hanging out Friday night in the slightly quieter Holman lounge next to the ballroom, which will broadcast the stage on a big screen.
We're not saying you shouldn't go to rock concerts or clubs or listen to loud music," Chung says.
SIR BOB GELDOF is planning to ask the Pope to attend a rock concert in Scotland's capital after the G8 Summit.
Indeed, if Whittle's recording is played properly, it starts at about 40 decibels and builds to 110 decibels, about as loud as the sound heard by someone in a front-row seat at a rock concert.
In Billings, Montana, a May 30 rock concert sponsored by two drug policy reform groups was canceled on the day of the show after a local representative of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) told the venue's owners they could be liable under the new law if anyone smoked pot at the event.
There is a huge, intellectual gulf between the music that draws crowds to the modern rock concert and the standard fare comprising the classical recital.
If that's not a tip-off that this guy does things a little differently, check out his experimental rock concert Tuesday at the WOW Hall.
During the 1996 Summer Olympics, a pipe bomb exploded during a late-night rock concert outside the Olympics venue, killing a 44-year-old Georgia woman and wounding 111 others.
More like a night at Willie McCrea's than a rock concert.