rock climber

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a climber of vertical rock faces


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Shah is a national-level rock climber, who is fighting tooth and nail to represent Pakistan in the Asia region in the Fjallraven Polar 2018.
Though there is qualitative research in the area of body image in sport, to date no research has examined how rock climbers relate to and feel about their bodies.
At roughly 6pm on Sunday OVMRO were called to a reports of a fallen rock climber who had been on a small crag in forestry above Betws-y-Coed.
The Iranian rock climber is also the winner of two rounds of China's Nanjing and Villars, Switzerland.
This is the third incident in three months which GNAAS has attended at the same crag after two rock climbers were airlifted to hospital in May.
Professional rock climbers like Rutherford travel the world performing gravity-defying climbs.
On May 19 he presented 'The blind rock climber who sees with his tongue' on BBC One.
THE story about the rock climber who cut off his trapped arm to avoid starving to death, 127 Hours is a potential Oscar and Bafta winner starring James Franco.
Moab has drawn world-class athletes like rock climber Steph Davis, author of High Infatuation.
The prolific author got out of the lab and away from the books, though; he was a rock climber, mountaineer and backpacker-when, that is, he wasn't piloting planes or playing piano, guitar, or banjo.
SHE can ride, speak Spanish and use sign language, but film star Amber Heard would like it to be known that she's not a rock climber - and she's never been near a golf course in her life.
The women covered are big-wave surfer Jamilah Star, jockey Julie Krone, soccer player Julie Foudy, runner Deena Kastor, gymnast Wendy Hilliard, volleyball player Misty May-Treanor, swimmer Lynne Cox, basketball player Tamika Catchings, triathlete Karen Smyers, and rock climber Lynn Hill.
Scot Dave MacLeod (pictured) represents a new intrepid breed of rock climber.
One is an acclaimed classical Indian dancer, another is a competitive rock climber, and others have published poetry and won awards for storytelling.
He sounds like a 20-something rock climber and, when necessary, adds Australian and other accents.