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European leek cultivated and used like leeks

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Rocambole leaves are broad in width and relatively closely spaced.
Chronicles of France] in verse; Ponson du Terrail's Rocambole ("un roman qui ne finirait jamais" ["A novel that would
Nor are the novels of Dumas's successors, of the now all-but forgotten Emile Gaboriau (1835-73), termed in a 1901 edition of Chambers's Encyclopaedia as 'the great master of police novels' of which Monsieur Lecoq (1869) is generally reckoned to be the best, and of Ponson du Terrail (1829-71) with his creation Rocambole, detective stories in the modern sense.
This group or subspecies has a host of common names: stiffneck, topsetting, ophio, serpent, rocambole, etc.
At any rate, something light - Rocambole, Arsene Lupin, that sort of thing.
Of the three hard-neck groups, Rocambole, with only 6 to 11 cloves per head, is the most acclaimed for flavor and ease of peeling.
They include the Asiatics ('Korean Red'), the rocamboles ('German Red' and 'Spanish Roja'), and purple-striped garlic ('Chesnok Red').