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Synonyms for robustness

the property of being strong and healthy in constitution

the characteristic of being strong enough to withstand intellectual challenge

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PST to discuss how leading service provider and cable operator customers are improving networked application or service availability and reliability by addressing robustness and resiliency factors before any networked product is deployed into a production environment.
To help address these challenges, DARPA has created the Biological Robustness in Complex Settings (BRICS) program.
They need to test for the robustness and interoperability of vendors' implementations.
Mu-4000 Security Analyzer Enhances F5 Product Robustness, Resiliency and Reliability Testing
It is anticipated that such a configuration based on multiple star tracker heads and a safe ephemerid configuration would also improve the overall robustness reliability and availability (not requiring to bring the satellite into sun pointing safe mode as frequently).
VoIP Robustness and Security Demonstration at NXTcomm Slated for Mu-4000 Security Analyzer
Robustness means that you can sustain hits and disruptions and continue functioning and heading toward your goals.
Toshiba has developed fully isolated N-channel LDMOS technology that overcomes the trade-off between breakdown voltage to negative bias (BVnb) and HBM robustness, a measure of resistance to electrostatic discharge (ESD).
System Robustness Analysis in Support of Flood and Drought Risk Management
Beside stability and sensitivity, robustness is also important property of each real system.
Parameters for evaluation of performance and robustness of watermark are discussed and five popular transform domain and spatial domain techniques are analyzed and discussed.
Global Banking News-October 27, 2014--Irish finance minister says tests reflect robustness of Irish banking system
The people have been more and more aware of the importance of safety and robustness of networks in recent years [5] [6] [7] [8] [9].
One new telecom company will be setting up shop in Barbados; a move described by Minister in the Prime Minister's Office with responsibility for Energy & Telecommunications, Senator Darcy Boyce, as creating more robustness in the industry, reports Caribbean News Now (Sept.