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resembling the unthinking functioning of a machine

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Mercury responds by adding both male dancers and slapstick: blind Cupids, who collide with the other players, and stiff "Statuas" from the throne of Jove, who, robotlike, cannot keep the measure.
Cinderella scoots off to the ball in a toy car, the prince searches for her on a rocking horse as landscape scrolls past and a rag doll turns into a protective, robotlike fairy.
Fletcher is particularly keen cricket does not follow the same path as tennis, which he believes has become devalued by the lack of characters like Ilie Nastase and turned modern players into robotlike personalities.
Alongside bursts of robotlike movements and coupled-up serenity, Le Savon features a crisp sound track by Franck Gervais -- the clinking and clanging of boat masts in the breeze of a seaside port, the dripping of water into an empty tin bucket, the sounds of crows cawing in the wind.
The seminarians spend much of their day in silence," Bannon's statement says, "have ample time for personal reflection and prayer (several hours a day), all of which is an aid toward anything but a robotlike, unthinking, fearful acceptance.
These data revealed another, robotlike symmetry in the way some animals run.
Mario Hadjivassiliou's paper "Gluten Sensitivity As a Neurological Illness" explains that the celiac diseased or nonceliac gluten sensitive (NCGS) individual may or may not have one or more of an assortment of neurological symptoms such as dementia, ataxia (an odd, robotlike gait accompanied by balance problems), peripheral neuropathy (i.
Hirsch Perlman's black-and-white shots of crude, robotlike figures fashioned from cardboard and propped and piled in an empty bedroom debuted at this gallery in 2001.
Instead of what Asnes calls the "broken-up movement" of "Tico-Tico" and his robotlike solo in the 1992 Oz, Taylor presented him with luxuriant adagio movement, gentle unfoldings and slow turns.
Two brief passages of robotlike, staccato, stop-start choreography end with Russo crawling into Gribler's arms, cradled in a fetuslike position.