robot pilot

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a navigational device that automatically keeps ships or planes or spacecraft on a steady course

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this is the advantage a robot pilot could bring to aerial warfare, but
that allows for seemingly "random" acts by the robot pilot to
component of the right stuff to impart on the robot pilot.
How the robot pilot will learn will depend primarily on two
For this article, it is assumed that a robot pilot with a
governor is more likely to appear in the future than a robot pilot with
That is, the robot pilot has programming that tells it to
Assume that a robot pilot has been assigned a "wild
The question then becomes what analysis will the robot pilot undertake?
those sensors will also be able to tell the robot pilot that those
of the SAM site or for the robot pilot to risk itself by getting closer
its missiles and knocks out the robot pilot and the B-52s it was
right stuff' to the robot pilot may mean a heightened
121) The robot pilot, depending on its sensors and programming, may be
the robot pilot to engage an airborne target than for a human pilot.