robbery suspect

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someone suspected of committing robbery

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The cab driver ultimately helped investigators identify Greenlee as the robbery suspect, Conrad said.
TWO robbery suspects were fished from a riverside using a hydraulic lift after their attempt to escape a police dog saw them leap 20-feet down an embankment.
A TOURIST was killed by a stray bullet in a Las Vegas casino yesterday as security guards struggled with a robbery suspect.
More than 60 fellow officers from other agencies converged upon the scene and determined that the subject fit the description of an armed robbery suspect.
A ROBBERY suspect went on the run after warders let him out of jail forgetting he was on remand.
POLICE today appealed for help to trace a robbery suspect with a history of violence who was last seen in Birmingham.
PALMDALE -- Sheriff's deputies surrounded a west Palmdale neighborhood Wednesday afternoon to search for an armed robbery suspect who ran out a back door as they knocked on the home's front door.
A robbery suspect was found hiding under a porch after he was thwarted in a robbery attempt, reported the December 13 News Journal of Wilmington, Delaware.
A robbery suspect arrested by police locked himself in their car and sped off, a court yesterday.
Cracker" Johnson, a motorcycle officer with the Waycross, Georgia, Police Department, who died from injuries sustained when he was thrown from a moving car by bootleggers in 1931, to Gail Cobb, the first African-American policewoman to die in the line of duty, shot while apprehending a bank robbery suspect in Washington, DC, on September 20, 1974, the stories trace the social changes that have impacted policing during the past 2 centuries.
GLENDALE -- Perhaps a little time behind bars could mend the wounds of this bank robbery suspect.
Los Angeles Police Department Officer Kristina Ripatti managed to smile as she left a hospital June 13 after being critically wounded in a shootout with a robbery suspect.
Police Chief William Bratton speaks of the miracle officers and paramedics performed in saving the life of a police officer who was shot by a robbery suspect, but he says absolutely nothing about the system that allowed the suspect to be free to rob and shoot innocent people.
Los Angeles police said the notorious robbery suspect known as ``Armed Old Man Bandit'' hoped to steal some extra Christmas jingle.