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Taylor, the Illinois Supreme Court reversed the decision of the appellate court, which vacated the robbery conviction of a defendant who stole a necklace off a victim without touching her.
The pair absconded from HMP Prescoed in Usk on Tuesday alongside fellow jailbird John Phillips, 28, who also has a robbery conviction.
According to reliable sources, medical doctors at the Sudanese ministry of interior's Al-Rebat Hospital in Khartoum carried out what is called cross-amputation on 30-year-old Adam Al-Muthna, carrying out a sentence for an armed robbery conviction.
Brawner was sentenced to 10 years for the stalking conviction, which was a violation of his parole and the terms of his suspended sentence on the robbery conviction for the Daven kidnapping attempt.
He already had a previous robbery conviction from 2004.
The court heard the brothers had previous convictions for attempted robbery and Phillip had an earlier robbery conviction.
Thompson was tried and convicted for the Liuzza murder a month after the armed robbery conviction.
A kidnapping conviction carries the possibility of life in prison with the possibility of parole, and a robbery conviction would mean mandatory prison time.
A MAN who has fought for almost 40 years to clear his name yesterday lost his fourth bid to overturn his robbery conviction.
An armed robbery conviction would require some time in prison.
In December 2004, Patrick Connors, who had three months left of a threeyear sentence for robbery, Anthony Byrnes, eight months to go of a twoyear robbery conviction, and Damien Forde who had seven months to serve of a three-year sentence for stealing a car all failed to return to prison.
And finally, former Grant of Van Nuys basketball star Gino Riney, in the midst of a comeback after serving three years in prison on a robbery conviction, has transferred from College of the Canyons to L.
That's because 45-year-old Crotzer, freed by DNA evidence in January, had a prior robbery conviction when he was 18.
But Carpenter and Cook County State's Attorney Dick Devine challenged the victory, arguing Luster was ineligible to run because he was on probation from a 1991 robbery conviction and failed to meet Dixmoor's residency requirement.
In 1971, a jury in New York City was split 11 to 1 in favor of a robbery conviction, but the case was dismissed by the judge after only 12 hours of deliberation because he had another engagement.