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Synonyms for robber

Synonyms for robber

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a thief who steals from someone by threatening violence

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A light was procured accordingly, and the robber proceeded to examine the purse.
Why, I see a table spread with all kinds of good things, and robbers sitting round it making merry.
The sport to him, was in waylaying the successful robbers and taking their spoils from them.
Thereupon the Robber put five hundred pieces of gold into the Cadi's hand.
But I doubt not that even in England you have had much to suffer from the hands of robbers and outlaws.
I always thought women-folks were scairt of robbers," he confessed.
She shall play with me," said the little robber child.
It was quite obvious, therefore, that it was the gate; especially as there was no doubt regarding the time at which the change had taken place, because all three remembered that they had come in sight of the robbers at the instant of its occurance.
THAT lad a robber,' sneered Sampson, flushed and heated with his wrath.
Now the way that the book winds up is this: Tom and me found the money that the robbers hid in the cave, and it made us rich.
Then some of them fell to fighting, and while they killed each other--for it came about that Nada brought death upon the robbers as on all others--she escaped, for she said that she did not wish to look upon their struggle but would await the upshot in a place apart.
But for the moment I was safe, for, as I imagined, the robbers were all engaged in quarrelling over their booty.
Setting out again in the evening, we passed so near a village where these robbers had retreated that the dogs barked after us.
Therefore, warned by experience, as soon as they have collected two dollars' worth of money they exchange it for one of those little gold pieces, and when robbers come upon them, swallow it.
Thieves, robbers, and lairs--that is what they are.