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Synonyms for robber

Synonyms for robber

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a thief who steals from someone by threatening violence

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I will go into the carriage," said the little robber maiden; and she would have her will, for she was very spoiled and very headstrong.
The little robber maiden looked at her with a serious air, nodded her head slightly, and said, "They shall not kill you, even if I am angry with you: then I will do it myself"; and she dried Gerda's eyes, and put both her hands in the handsome muff, which was so soft and warm.
You shall sleep with me to-night, with all my animals," said the little robber maiden.
I always sleep with the knife," said the little robber maiden.
Why, I see a table spread with all kinds of good things, and robbers sitting round it making merry.
Yes,' said the ass, 'if we could only get in'; so they consulted together how they should contrive to get the robbers out; and at last they hit upon a plan.
The coast once clear, our travellers soon sat down and dispatched what the robbers had left, with as much eagerness as if they had not expected to eat again for a month.
repeated the robber, and paused after he had said the word.
A light was procured accordingly, and the robber proceeded to examine the purse.
exclaimed all the robbers at once; ``darest thou trifle with us, that thou tellest such improbable lies?
The Disinherited Knight was filled with astonishment, no less at the generosity of Rebecca, by which, however, he resolved he would not profit, than that of the robbers, to whose profession such a quality seemed totally foreign.
Thereupon the Robber put five hundred pieces of gold into the Cadi's hand.
But I doubt not that even in England you have had much to suffer from the hands of robbers and outlaws.
I'll stick to the widder till I rot, Tom; and if I git to be a reg'lar ripper of a robber, and everybody talking 'bout it, I reckon she'll be proud she snaked me in out of the wet.
The sport to him, was in waylaying the successful robbers and taking their spoils from them.