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Synonyms for roasting

Synonyms for roasting

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cooking (meat) by dry heat in an oven (usually with fat added)

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In the March issue of Fine Cooking magazine, Pam Anderson, author of ``How to Cook Without a Book,'' ``CookSmart'' and other cookbooks, advises salting (kosher salt) the chicken inside and out and letting it stand in the fridge uncovered (to help the skin dry out) at least two hours (or up to two days) before roasting for a crisp, finished result.
The objective of roasting green coffee beans is to convert their chemical composition through heating into aromatic flavorful constituents, which when extracted with hot water results in an enjoyable, palatable beverage.
Features include exact temperature measuring and indication, uniform roasting which can be exactly reproduced, efficient heat transfer due to continuous and intensive flow of roasting air through the batch.
Remove roast from refrigerator 1 hour before roasting.
If you make several notations during the course of the roasting process you can begin to see developmental patterns in coffee roasting.
Once thawed, refrigerate the turkey until roasting or cook immediately.
The package broadens the range of special roasting profiles and it does that not only for dark roasts.
Barry prefers roasting to steaming, as it brings out a richer flavor.
When chicken is half cooked, add baby potatoes to roasting pan.