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a harsh or humorous critic (sometimes intended as a facetious compliment)

a cook who roasts food

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flesh of a large young chicken over 3 1/2 lb suitable for roasting

a special cooking pan for roasting

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Inside that facility are several hundred containers of roaster oxides that must be conditioned and repackaged for offsite disposition.
We evaluated the roaster category and saw that improvements could be made, especially in the area of safety," said Alex Campbell, general manager, Cristel U.
Coffee roasters sold them as stand-alone bags or in variety packs.
Today, however, there is a new breed of home coffee roasters that is easy to use, affordable and can consistently turn out beans to one's own desired degree of roast.
Roasters like Katzeff have transformed politics into yet another marketable attribute, pitching a clean conscience alongside a clean flavor.
The third plant upgrade is a wet gas cleaning facility, to capture and clean the gas coming off fluid bed roasters.
Private label business can also be extremely transient since there is always a chance another roaster (perhaps one that has just lost a private label account) will be looking for some volume to keep their plant at full capacity.
com is an online marketplace where coffee lovers can discover and buy coffee directly from small, artisan coffee roasters.
Plus, freshly roasted warm beans right from the roaster are both attractive and aromatic.
The delivery included two Jupiter tangential roasters and two Neptune drum roasters, with a capacity of 400 tons per day, in addition to eight two-stage grinders.
A vital link in this process is the professional coffee roaster who takes his craft very seriously in roasting green coffee beans based on a roast profile to enhance or highlight certain flavor characteristics.
Unable to get any of the local coffee producers to roast coffee for them, David became a roaster himself.
Levels of accreditation include apprentice, journeyman, and master and will "be equivalent to a four year degree in roasting," explained Phil Beattie, roast master at Dillanos Coffee Roaster of Sumner, Wash.
Neuhaus Neotec USA announced that Massimo Beverage Zanetti USA commissioned an RFB 350 batch roaster from the company for its Suffolk, Va.
Levels include Apprentice Roaster, Journeyman Roaster, and Master Roaster.