roast veal

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cut of veal suitable for roasting

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One of the few local Italian restaurants to make vitello tonnato, the refreshing cold starter dish of roast veal topped with a tuna sauce, is Gaetano's, 23536 Calabasas Road, Calabasas.
Superstar chef Wolfgang Puck will once again be responsible for the night's menu for the 1,650 guests: caviar, roast veal and Maine lobster, plus the gold-dusted chocolate Oscar - a culinary tradition at the ball.
An excitement only slightly dampened when they turn out to be roast veal and braised rabbit, respectively.
We were eating roast veal and drinking, enraptured by what was on our plates and in our glasses.
At that time, the day became associated with a big family dinner of roast veal followed by suet and rice puddings, custard and home-made wine or ale.
Among his creations for Cascina, customers will find melt-in-your-mouth roast veal stuffed with spinach, zucchini and tomatoes in a savory brown sauce and accompanied with cloud-like mashed potatoes seasoned to perfection; tender chicken Milanese lightly breaded and topped with a slight layer of prosciutto and melted parmesan, and served with broccoli and tangy artichoke hearts; and veal scaloppini that sits in a shallow pool of white wine and lemon sauce, with a side of spinach sauteed with garlic.
Caviar, roast veal and Maine lobster, plus gold-dusted chocolate Oscars - a culinary tradition - are the staple diet of guests at the official Oscar dinner.
Menu information: Four-course prix-fixe dinner includes sauteed scallops provencale or green salad, asparagus or mushroom soup, roast veal with mashed potatoes and vegetables or peppered salmon in lemon dill sauce and choice of desserts.
Recommended items: Hors d'oeuvre tray, tapas (chicken and apricot empanada, mini beef kebabs, grilled lamb chops, grilled baby squid, grilled shrimp), tableside Caesar, Hong Kong noodles, paella (lobster, shellfish, chicken, chorizo), roast veal chop, Lyonnaise potatoes, creamed spinach, crepes Suzette.
Menu: Buffets include champagne, crab, shrimp, smoked salmon, oysters, lobster bisque, veal scaloppine, pork, Cornish game hen, roast beef, roast veal, desserts.