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Synonyms for roarer

someone who communicates vocally in a very loud voice

References in classic literature ?
the horse was a penny trumpet to that roarer of yours.
The four branches are called Raja (for being majestic and regal in its plunge), Rani (because of the grace), Rocket (because it plunged down in a straight line) and Roarer (for being noisy).
The persistence of this type on the stage suggests the roarer was a familiar figure in the streets as well; somewhat later, Jonson's disciple Brome presents in The Weeding of Covent Garden (ca.
notes that the word "Keela" is similar to "kileha," a Choctaw word meaning "a roarer, a growler" (59).
Similarly, the Roarer, like all four of Mac's bikes, is grounded in those of the '30s and '40s but with a flash of modernity.
To readers of the ubiquitous Crockett Almanacs, he was a devilish--and witty--trickster, violent, racist, crude, and exuberant--"a ring-tailed roarer, half horse, half alligator and a little tetched with snapping turtle.