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Synonyms for roarer

someone who communicates vocally in a very loud voice

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Governed by a Spleen: Roarers and Other Angry Boys in Early Modern Drama.
BIRD </IR> introduced to literature in <IR> NICK OF THE WOODS </IR> that phantom of terror, the Jibbenainosay, and that curious creature of the "dark and bloody ground" of Kentucky: the ring-tailed roarer, half-horse, half-alligator.
He's not a roarer and a shouter, I don't think many people respond to that anyway these days so he's a good physical leader, he leads by example," said the coach.
Backwoods Civility, or How the Ring-Tailed Roarer Became a Gentle Man for David Crockett, Charles F.
His intimacy with nonhuman nature can reach unsettling extremes, as when, like some ring-tailed roarer out of Southwestern humor, he singlehandedly "trees" a raccoon, dropping to his hands and knees and howling like a dog (pp.
This week, the strangely tonsured Dublin roarer saw the release of Killing Bono on DVD.
There's wee Phil Gallie, a charming man in private, a roarer and barker in public.
Through a four wicket win over Rajasthan Roarers in the semi-final, Punjab had booked their place in the final.
Joining them in the top-four are Punjab Tigers, who thrashed UP Heroes by 32 runs in the other quarterfinal match, while in a late match held last evening, Rajasthan Roarers beat Chennai Champs by 16 runs.
3) Tracy Hill, Anthony Munday and Civic Culture: Theatre, History and Power in Early Modern London, 1580-1633 (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2004), 93-94; David Norbrook, '"What Cares These Roarers for the Name of King?
Vowels become roarers and exquisite philosophic rhapsodies are introduced, that later turn visionary in Milton [c.
The popular landlord also organised trips from his pub for Town away matches and the regular band of supporters were given the name, 'The Red Lion Roarers.