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the women react with disgust to the food and roar off in search of a Carl's Jr.
The retired Army colonel David Hackworth has written in Newsweek that Iraqi troops feared the A-10 far more than the high-tech jets with the smart bombs, for while the latter would make a quick discrete hit on a small point then roar off, A-10s would make repeated passes, spraying large areas with heavy-caliber cannon fire.
As a tearful Rita watches on with pals Emily and Mary, so it seems as they roar off into the sunset to try and relive their rock 'n' roll youth in some other town.
MORE than 165 cars will roar off the starting line from 8 am in the Cambrian Rally in Llandudno today Competitors will then make their way to the forests of Clocaenog and Penmachno.
The steering has so much feel and it almost begs to be let loose to shake itself down and roar off into the sunset.
As well as festive street entertainment and chart-topping acts, all the rally cars will be lined up in St Mary Street for the public to see the cars close up and watch the drivers prepare to roar off for the first stage of this year's rally.
And let's face it, when her own husband would rather roar off into the sunset on his Harley with a six-pack than whisk her off to Paris, who can blame her for being a little bit green.
He'd roar off through the canyons and hills, across Mulholland Highway and to the beach to catch the sunset.
Then they they roar off to the town's namesake in Co Meath for its annual road races.
And he's about to roar off in a sleek Aston Martin with a beautiful girl - so what's new?
Soap fans will be desperate to know whether the pair roar off into the sunset, or if Kat, played by Jessie Wallace, is left behind, broken-hearted.
STEREOPHONICS pop star Richard Jones has shunned a swish Porsche or Ferrari - to roar off on an pounds 8,000 superbike.
PlayStation owners can roar off into the distance next week with the release of the super-fast Max Power Racing.