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(of motor vehicles) the quality of being fit to drive on the open road

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With winter now upon us we are also urging all drivers to ensure their vehicles are in a roadworthy condition by carrying out a few simple checks such as looking at tyres, lights and windscreen wipers.
Motorists will be given a month to renew the vehicle's registration card, make sure it is roadworthy, and that it doesn't pose a risk to the driver and other road users," he added.
He added: "Motorists will be given a month to renew the vehicle's registration card, make sure it is roadworthy, and that it doesn't pose a risk to the driver or other road users.
They claim the Red Caps were not supplied with sufficient ammunition, roadworthy vehicles or effective communications.
ty tyr bo b T sa ce ce cu cu as The Association of British Insurers said their members - around 90 per cent of the market - will not ask customers for more money as long as the tyres are roadworthy and fitted in accordance with the vehicle manufacturers' specifications.
TO TAKE part in the ride, you will need to have a roadworthy bike.
THE EYECARE Trust has launched a joint-campaign aimed at motorists to highlight their legal obligation to ensure their vision is roadworthy and meets new EU driving eyesight standards, due to be introduced in 2013.
The system has been designed specifically for the LCV sector, and would help van fleet operators to minimise downtime and address concerns that suggest van fleets are the least roadworthy vehicles on the road today.
Oughton and his boss John Lote, 60, both from Burntwood, Staffordshire, pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of gross negligence, namely because the coach was not kept in a safe and roadworthy condition and the braking system had not been checked and maintained.
This has resulted in several people receiving warnings and in some cases their motorcycles have been confiscated and destroyed "Motorcycles may not be used on public roads unless they are suitably roadworthy, taxed, insured and registered with a licensed rider.
Sensibly Environmental should know that in the UK the criteria for registering older cars is that they should have passed an MOT which indicates they are roadworthy, 'Scrap the old bangers
DUMPER trucks sufficiently roadworthy to use public roads should still be categorised as off-road dump trucks if that is the main purpose of their design, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled.
But there is always hope, and his sole runner at Ayr, Roadworthy, won in fine style in the last race of the day, a tricky Class 5 handicap hurdle race with 15 runners.
The partners have made sure their bikes are safe and roadworthy by having them thoroughly checked by expert cycle mechanic Martin Higgins at The Bike Shed in Canton, Cardiff.
The fundamental violation is the operation of a vehicle that is not considered roadworthy, Smoldt said.