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(of motor vehicles) the quality of being fit to drive on the open road

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He added: "Member states have already agreed that they do not want to introduce roadworthiness testing for caravans.
If towing a caravan, carry out checks to ensure its roadworthiness ?
Meanwhile police officers mounted patrols on vehicles seen to be carrying scrap or waste where the authenticity of their load, roadworthiness and licences were checked.
Summary: Horrific road accidents will increase if regulation of truck drivers and the roadworthiness of vehicles are not improved -- with Ramadan set to be a particularly dangerous time, say members of the transport industry.
An annual vehicle test is not sufficient for enforcing the correct standards of roadworthiness.
a nationally recognized, independent quality assurance inspection program that verifies the overall condition and roadworthiness of classic vehicles, announced today that J.
A Denbighshire Council spokesman said: "Our officers worked in partnership with North Wales Police and VOSA to check on the roadworthiness of six taxis and one non-licensed vehicle suspected to be operating without a licence.
The automaker's service centres will provide 20-point check-up on all Toyota cars visiting in this period, to check roadworthiness.
He also asked that driving schools work to improve their operations in coordination with the union and the Interior Ministry and asked that roadworthiness tests (mecanique) be provided by the public sector instead of private companies.
The traffic officers will embark on a range of activities which will include intensified speed measuring, random alcohol testing and roadworthiness checks.
It continues to enjoy success in its conventional services such as periodic vehicle roadworthiness testing ("TUV sticker"), testing and inspection of industrial plants, product testing or expert opinions.
The most common violations are flat discs, worn tires, expired driving licenses, no annual roadworthiness test, cracked windshield, broken mirrors, lack of obligatory route schedules.
In addition they will set up a commercial vehicle Testing Centre for roadworthiness based on European Standards and provision of full dealer network.
Ian Fraser, chief executive of Kwik-Fit, said: "The MoT is a test of a car's roadworthiness - after the car's third birthday, it needs to be MoT tested every year.
This gesture aimed to strengthen cooperation with the directorate, to ensure roadworthiness of their cars and enhance safety standards.