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a partly sheltered anchorage


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The harbor's Master Attendant boarded to see if the Olivia could be sent to India with dispatches, but concluded that he himself would not feel safe if the vessel went out from Batavia roadstead.
2(c) (exempting "ocean-going vessel voyages that are comprised of continuous and expeditious navigation through any Regulated California Waters for the purpose of traversing such bodies of water without entering California internal or estuarine waters or calling at a port, roadstead, or terminal facility"); see also Pac.
Sea Wind" is on roadstead near the Brazilian port Victoria, waiting for several days to enter it to be loaded.
More than 425,000 cruise ship passengers are expected be on board the cruise liners, which will berth either at Port Zante or the Deep Water Port, or drop anchor in the Basseterre Roadstead.
Salem Sound is a nasty roadstead at the best of times, full of sandy shoals and granite ledges waiting just below the surface to rip out the belly of any vessel venturing too close.
2] Conrad testifies to the force and truth of the principles of a metaphysics of art when, in the concluding sentence of his Author's Note, he writes about his own chance encounter with the Jim in ourselves: "One morning in the commonplace surroundings of an Eastern roadstead, I saw his form pass by--appealing--significant--under a cloud--perfectly silent.
Emden, sporting her dummy funnel, steamed unchallenged into the roadstead and quickly despatched the Russian cruiser Jemstchoug.
Darius" terminal is an unsheltered roadstead some 6 km to the south of T-jetty.
Alternatively, there is a school of thought that believed that he might have considered trying to get such a bomb to Israel, possibly by boat, for detonation in the Haifa harbor roadstead.
They would roar down its lee and drop anchor in the roadstead north of the bluffs.
barge transfers from shallow draught barges out to larger vessels moored off the coast in the Karumba Roadstead waters ready to ship product to Asia.
Transporting the ore involves using specially designed self-loading barges, and Faber says Foss developed the world's first roadstead loading of dry bulk cargo in order to make the most of the short shipping season.
Contract notice: Passenger transport - waived school transport within the city limits roadstead
The Bay exhibits a most peculiar phenomenon in the fact that, altho' being more an open roadstead than a bay, the water is always comparatively smooth, so that vessels may always ride at anchor with perfect safety, altho' it may be blowing a severe gale dead in shore.
Corbett described two traditional concentration points for the Royal Navy, one near the French island of Ushant off Brittany to control the Channel, and the other in the Downs (a roadstead near Dover) to guard against invasion threats from the North Sea.