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a partly sheltered anchorage


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This connected with the beautiful roadstead and anchorage and the richest of soils which produces the finest kind of timber and that of a variety induces me to think, not only think but am well convinced that it will be one of the greatest acquisitions to our beloved country that the Admiral aloft could have bestowed onus".
Twisted Things, the Wicked God's grotesque creatures, have made their way to Roadstead Farm.
section] 403 ("The creation of any obstruction not affirmatively authorized by Congress, to the navigable capacity of any of the waters of the United States is prohibited; and it shall not be lawful to build or commence the building of any wharf, pier, dolphin, boom, weir, breakwater, bulkhead, jetty, or other structures in any port, roadstead, haven, harbor, canal, navigable river, or other water of the United States, outside established harbor lines, or where no harbor lines have been established").
The Success arrived back in the Madras roadstead in mid-April 1696 but, along with several other vessels, went ashore between Madras and St.
For example, we are first invited to imagine Jim in the "commonplace surroundings of an Eastern roadstead .
2(c) (exempting "ocean-going vessel voyages that are comprised of continuous and expeditious navigation through any Regulated California Waters for the purpose of traversing such bodies of water without entering California internal or estuarine waters or calling at a port, roadstead, or terminal facility"); see also Pac.
Sea Wind" is on roadstead near the Brazilian port Victoria, waiting for several days to enter it to be loaded.
11) Austen refers repeatedly to the naval base Spithead, a roadstead in the English Channel between Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight, at two junctures of her story.
Chinese traders in Lifau's roadstead reported that some inhabitants had even offered themselves as slaves to the Chinese in order to get food for their families.
The Administrative Court of Sicily submitted a request for a preliminary ruling to the EU court concerning interpretation of Directive 2004/35/EC on environmental liability after several petroleum and petrochemical firms with installations in the Priolo Gargallo region brought actions against decisions ordering them to clean up pollution of the Augusta roadstead.
More than 425,000 cruise ship passengers are expected be on board the cruise liners, which will berth either at Port Zante or the Deep Water Port, or drop anchor in the Basseterre Roadstead.
Salem Sound is a nasty roadstead at the best of times, full of sandy shoals and granite ledges waiting just below the surface to rip out the belly of any vessel venturing too close.
The first attempt of the CSR to seek parliamentary approval (indispensable, for no railway and associated port could be built without such sanction) fell foul of this determined opposition, its overtures formally rejected because the sea approaches to Silloth were judged too shallow to serve as an effective roadstead.
Warships of seven countries--Britain, France, Germany, Austro-Hungary, Italy, Russia, and the United States--did in fact anchor in the Mersin roadstead in April 1909 but refrained from landing men.
The waters of the Colorado and San Juan Rivers are to be joined together, however, dykes built, and other projects instituted tending to the improvement of the Greytown harbor, that will eventually make it possible for ships to come inside the reef, no doubt, instead of pitching and charging at anchor in the open roadstead as at present.