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Synonyms for roadside

Synonyms for roadside

edge of a way or road or path


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In 2015, in response to evidence of the steep declines in certain pollinator populations, Congress included administrative provisions addressing pollinators along roadsides in section 1415 of Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST) Act.
The Carmeuse Lime & Stone Port Inland operation recently pulled together a team of 14 employees who volunteered their time to clean up the roadside of their adopted section of highway.
In some parts of world, mainly in Europe, North America and New Zealand, roadsides are given due importance for assessment of vegetation growing along with them (Sara, 2006).
It is concluded that much of the current literature on bereavement is quantitative and reports research undertaken from an individualist, psychological perspective, and that current research into roadside memorials is from an historical, geographic, cultural or even statistical perspective.
Prof Davey Jones, who supervised the project, said: "James did a great job on this interesting project and the take-home message of the results is that, even in blackberries collected at busy roadsides, concentrations of heavy metals were found to be well below any dangerous intake levels for consumers.
These metals are selected for the analysis due to the fact that they are most commonly found heavy metals in roadsides soils.
ROADSIDE memorials to victims of fatal car accidents on rural roads form the basis of a photography exhibition currently showing at The Customs House in South Shields.
Spontaneous roadside memorials in the form of crosses placed at the sites of fatal vehicle accidents are perceived both as accessible symbols of grief and as cryptic private expressions in contemporary memorial culture, according to Holly Everett, whose study examines the cross-cultural history and negotiated meanings of such markers.
Floral tributes and other memorials have become an increasingly familiar sight on roadsides across the country," he said.
Bossier's award-winning program is used on 1600 acres of roadsides in and around the city.
French biologists led by Francis Meunier of the Chize Center for Biological Studies recently found that kestrels, buzzards and black kites in a farmland region in western France prefer roadsides to cropland for hunting.
Ventura County ranked the fourth-highest of 58 counties in California for the amount and toxicity of weed killers sprayed on its roadsides, a nonprofit organization reported Thursday.
The committee has produced an excellent video and three booklets on assessment, planning and implementation of roadsides management to protect native vegetation.
Last fall, the Georgia Department of Transportation planted over 200,000 daffodil bulbs on Georgia roadsides to extend the season of blooming flowers and give motorists more varieties to enjoy during their drive.
Contract notice: Mowing lawns, roadsides and roadside ditches administered by the board of regional roads in lodz in 2016, broken down into tasks: dz.