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Synonyms for roadhog

a driver who obstructs others


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In the past, if a driver cut you up, most people would have just raised their eyebrows and called them a roadhog.
But we reckon it could have meant that poor old Noel gave his kid brother a shot of his Roller and roadhog Liam drove it into a pool by accident
Little Cerys was left brain damaged, paralysed and unable to breathe without a ventilator, but the arrogant roadhog who caused her so much harm is now free to resume his playboy lifestyle.
TOP Gear host Jeremy Clarkson proves he's not just a roadhog as he causes mayhem on the high seas.
ROADHOG David Cameron was branded arrogant by an angry pedestrian yesterday after he jumped a red light on his bike.
Once the forces of law (one for the rich) and disorder confirmed that granny was indeed the Queen they touched their forelocks and let the regal roadhog drive on.
On the trail of the unnamed evil that habitually seeks out losers is frantic roadhog Debi (Vivica A.
We can even take credit for the first automobile accident - a 19th century roadhog John Scott Russell caused it.
IT must have seemed like Roadhog Day for police when they nabbed film star Bill Murray driving drunk down the middle of the road in a golf buggy.
Passengers there have suggested ftr is not only trendy text speak for "future" - as officials have said - but also an acronym for Flipping Terrible Roadhog, Fairly Tawdry Reliability and Flummoxing Ticket Regime.
AN Irish roadhog has been put off the road for 50 years
CARTOONS like Power Rangers, Tom and Jerry, Roadhog, Wacky Races, The Simpsons, Scooby Doo and Disney Time rule television for children.
Roadhog, the cartoonish rodent star of an on-line game who races through a desert littered with empty tequila bottles bearing the label of Cuervo Especial, the sponsor of the game on the brand's World Wide Web site.
The man with the face of a warthog and the patience of a roadhog went the whole hog at the K Club at the weekend to win the European Open, his first victory in more than 18 months.
Mr Bradshaw, who yesterday tried to convince Home Office Minister Paul Boateng to drop the fines, added: "Until cycling is made safer it's not fair to crackdown on cyclists when roadhog motorists literally get away with murder.