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a test to insure that a vehicle is roadworthy

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David was recreating one of the most famous road tests ever undertaken when an E-Type hit 150 mph on a Belgian motorway in 1961.
He said those who failed the road test had to wait for at least three to four months before they could take the test again.
Autocar magazine, which began road tests in 1928, tested the E-type in March 1961.
1995: Conducted Japan's first public road tests of a hydrogen rotary engine vehicle, Capella Cargo.
The road test will be conducted by a government-industry-academia consortium which includes the Chugoku Bureau of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Hiroshima University and Mazda Motor Corp.
Your family will have the chance to road test everything from face cream to the latest innovations in technology, letting the nation know what you think and giving your feedback to the manufacturers.
THE innovative, pre-buy virtual road test videos available online at newcarnet.
He developed testing programs for the LAT 100 for wet traction, friction on ice and abrasion over a wide range of severities, and suitable software for the evaluation of results, including road test simulations, which agree well with reality.
The first order of business is another road test with one of Pattison's two full-time safety trainers, similar to the one the driver passed to finish his certification from the school.
General Motors Corporation (GM) recently announced plans to conduct a long-distance road test of the hydrogen-powered "HydroGen3" prototype vehicle, which is based on the Opel Zafira, beginning next month.
An 85-year-old North Hollywood man's driver's license was revoked Friday after he crashed his car into the Department of Motor Vehicles office in Van Nuys just before he was set to take a road test.
And with a few turns around the block with a driving instructor, you can cruise through the road test too.
successfully pass the permit test or any yard or road test to ensure their success as part of the student s
Each automaker's overall score is based on the average road test scores and reliability ratings for all of its models that CR has tested.
Launched by the Emirates Driving Institute (EDI) last week, the Solo Driver Training Facility allows drivers to take more responsibility and practice decision-making before they take the road test.