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the paved surface of a paved roadway

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Now the Welsh Government has said repairs will be made to improve the road surface.
The MultiHog is able to remove the damaged road surface from around the pothole as well as the actual hole that has formed.
Existing road surface capturing systems can be categorized into two parts: the low-speed road surface capturing system and the high-speed road surface capturing system.
BREAKDOWNS due to poor road surfaces and potholes have increased by 63 per cent, according to the RAC, whose breakdown crews attended more than 6,500 incidents in the first three months of 2017.
Apparently the council's opinion on Elliott Gardens is that there is nothing wrong with the road surface, presumably this is because there is no road surface left
Swansea Council has drafted in contractors to carry out the work after a similar job completed along the route in August last year had, according to the local authority, failed to adhere to the road surface sufficiently.
It seemed to get pulled and shunted every which way when changing lanes and the consistently uneven road surface left me feeling like I'd been on a fast spin cycle in a washing machine.
Capable of sensing instantaneous vibration input data and digitizing it using in-vehicle analysis equipment, this new technology classifies the current state of the road surface into seven conditions of dry, semi-dry, wet, slush, fresh snow, compact snow, and ice.
The works will seal the road surface and keep water out of its structure, reducing the number of potholes caused by frost, as well as improving skid resistance.
Brusaw put two and two together when he realized that the interstate highway system already covers about that much of the nation's land surface, so he got to work designing a system that combines a durable and translucent glass road surface with photovoltaic solar collectors that could be wired directly into the electricity grid.
Utilicor Technologies is the manufacturer of a rotary coring pavement excavation and restoration technology that cost-effectively cores through all kinds of paved surfaces to enable crews to vacuum excavate and view subsurface activity or repair underground plant from the road surface using long handled tools.
Sub-zero weather through November and early December freezes the ground enough for bulldozers to pack the potential road surface with snow, which must sometimes be collected from the roadside in seasons where snowfall has been particularly low.
However, it allowed depreciation of the road surface.
Instead, by a mechanism dubbed bulk friction, the rubber of a moving tire briefly presses down into small pits in the road surface.