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the paved surface of a paved roadway

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Highways Agency project manager, Alan Apps, said: "This worK will provide an improved road surface for drivers.
Since that time I have been driving regularly around the city and have noticed how road surfaces have deteriorated year by year.
The council is to introduce traffic signals with a form of vehicle detection and improve the road surface at the roundabout.
He said: "The road surface was slippery on Saturday night and you have to question whether it had been gritted.
Road surface temperatures will be measured during the night.
After a wait of nearly 20 years, they were finally attempting to reinstate the road surface that had been botched by contractors in the early days of cable TV installations.
A Northumberland County Council spokesman said: "Due to the hot weather we have had gritters out spreading dust to seal the road surface and stop tyres picking up tar.
The existing road surface is made up principally of loose sand and clay based material that is slippery when wet.
Broomfield Road residents have been calling for improvements for sometime, and they were delighted when contractors rolled up and rolled out a newly tarmaced road surface.
The road surface is so bad you have no choice but to drive at a very slow and safe speed.
In terms of active safety, they are crucial not only for road holding, but also in emergency stops, as their role is to ensure that the tyres maintain contact with the road surface, even on bumpy ground.
The road surface is in poor condition due to the age of the road surface and service authority intervention.
The residents in Totties, Scholes and New Mill also had high hopes that the few potholes and poor road surface would be a thing of the past.
Police were forced to seal off Newtown Road, one of the town's busiest routes, after cracks appeared in the road surface with water bubbling out.
17% by poor road surface, 6% by manhole covers, 3% by slippery road markings and 3% by traffic-calming measures.