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a detailed plan or explanation to guide you in setting standards or determining a course of action

a map showing roads (for automobile travel)

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Later, all stakeholders including secretary health held a meeting in the Supreme Court premises where a road map was finalised.
The target, Leones added is to complete the road map within the year, although Cimatu wants it done at the earliest possible time.
Representatives of ADB were given information on the events envisaged in the road maps.
He said we should work as a team to achieve targets of the road map reforms.
As part of the PLM Road Map for the Global Automotive Industry and their Suppliers experience CIMdata is hosting an on-line PLM Collaboration Cafe[TM] which provides each sponsor the opportunity to showcase a selection of their automotive industry solutions.
Qabbani released a brief statement explaining the purpose behind the road map and naming concerned stakeholders.
The road map developed by the PF strongly urges political parties that all handouts, subsidies and other welfare measures, included in their manifestos should be costed and specific measures should be identified for financing the incremental costs.
The reform road map is also expected to make the LGUs less dependent on the internal revenue allotment (IRA) disbursed by the national government, Abad added.
The report is the Road Map Project's annual report card and shows data on 29 indicators of student success, which are important measures related to student achievement such as proficiency in third-grade reading from cradle through college.
The road map on Kyrgyzstan's Common Economic Space accession is another step towards entry of our country into the Eurasian Economic Union.
Earlier, leaders of signatory parties of the road map made addresses of the coalitions they represent.
The source expected the next step would be to call political, social and economic figures to talks on the road map.
The European Commission now has a road map for the integration of civil drones into the European aviation system.
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Kurdish region president Masoud Barzani discussed with Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Dawood Oglu bilateral relations and the road map adopted by the Turkish Justice and Development Party to solve the Kurdish question.