roach clip

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metal tweezers used by marijuana smokers to hold a roach

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We'd give a thrift-shop roach clip for a sequel that would tell us what went down at the Hungadunga commune.
Pollan even wonders if Plato's metaphysics might have been drug-induced, given that the Greeks used psychedelics and that Plato wrote, in terms that will sound familiar to pot-smoking readers everywhere, about focusing one's attention on an object with such intensity that it eventually seems to become the ideal, universal form of that object, not just an individual shoe, hand, chair, or roach clip.
To the side, on one of the desk's pull-out shelves, is what I've just discovered (thank you Google) is called a fishing clamp, which consists of a metal base that supports a magnifying glass and two clamps that are basically roach clips to hold the flies that fly fishers tie.
being the days before sex, before Thoreau, before roach clips, before
com - that it said were being used to market "drug paraphernalia" such as bongs and roach clips.